Monday, March 26, 2012

Personal Makeup Tutorial FOTD

Yesterday I had a two hour personal makeup tutorial with a local makeup artist. This was a Xmas present from hubby because he was sick of hearing me say that I would love to do certain looks but had no idea of the techniques involved.

It was actually a bit daunting for me as I'm a bit funny with one-on-one situations and can get a bit uncomfortable when the spotlight is aimed directly on me but the makeup artist was absolutely lovely and did her best to make me feel comfortable and answer any questions I had while giving me plenty of hints and tips to take away and try for myself.

At first she showed me a simple but really pretty day look which involved a light pink blush along with a lilac lid with a coral coloured crease which sounded kind of weird but ended up being a colour combination that looked lovely.

Then, because I said that my weakness was a smokey eye look she showed me how to turn my simple day look into a more intense night time look without it being too overpowering (or unachievable for me to attemp again at home).

Here are the photos of the finished product. I totally forgot to photograph the day time look before she started changing it unfortunately but she shaded in a picture she had for me with all the relevant colours so I can remember how it looked and try it at home for myself.

Please forgive the awkward face angles. I still haven't mastered the art of photographing myself yet :-)

Over the next few days I'll be posting about the hints and tips I took away from this tutorial so stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful colours - great for your eye colour :)

    1. Thanks. My eyes look quite green in these photos but that seem to change colour anywhere from blue, to grey to green for some reason.


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