Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Addictions - Skin Doctors T-Zone Range

This month my skin went absolutely crazy for some reason. I'm really not sure why as I was using the same products for ages but my skin just decided to do a complete backflip from the nice and clear state it was in to being constantly covered in pimples and greasy as all hell.

So, I was so very grateful when at the beginning of the month I was asked to trial the new Skin Doctors T-Zone range by Beautyheaven as this trial definitely came at exactly the right time for me and I have been absolutely loving these products ever since receiving them.

The Skin Doctors T-Zone range consists of the Oil Control Cleanser, the No More Oil cream and the No More Pores night cream.

1) Oil Control Cleanser - This cleanser is the first step in the routine and is a paraben-free cleansing and balancing gel that deeply purifies pores and clears oily and combination skin to give you a perfect matte complexion. I really like this cleanser as it makes my skin feel super clean without any dryness or tight feeling which is something you'd expect from a product like this. It doesn't irritate my sometimes sensitive skin at all and is a very light gel which is easy to lather onto the face. This is probably my favourite product to use in the range.

(Oil Control Cleanser)

2) No More Oil cream - This is a dual action cream designed to help control oil production to reduce shine and to absorb excess oil to leave your skin flawless, matte and beautiful. I've been applying this cream every morning and night and it glides on nicely and absorbs into the skin really fast. I have actually noticed that my skin does seem to be a little less oilier than before and in this hot weather we have been having lately that is a miracle in itself. My makeup has even been lasting longer when using this too and I've found that it means I can skip the use of a primer most of the time if I don't feel like using one.

3) No More Pores Night Treatment - This cream is to help refine, unclog, shrink and tighten pores so your skin looks smooth, matte, even and flawless. The dual action formula firstly removes excess oil that causes enlarged pores and secondly helps to reduce pore size. This cream is to be applied at night after cleansing and prior to using the No More Oil cream and at first I was using it every night but then scaled it back to using it only every second night as I found that it was stinging my skin a little if used every night. Even without using the cream every night I have still noticed a definite reduction in the size of the pores on my cheeks and nose which were always quite large and I don't get anymore irritation with only using it every second night as well. On the in between nights I just use my regular night cream instead and still apply the No More Oil cream over the top of that.

(No More Pores Night Treatment)
Overall this is a great range to use if you have an oily t-zone and enlarged pores as there are definately noticeable effects after using it on a constant basis for a few weeks. I've always had a problem with my t-zone but then have dry areas on other parts of my face so it has been nice to feel like my skin has been a bit more even and normal for a change.
I would consider this a much nicer and less harsh alternative to the Proactiv range which I tried once a few years ago and honestly felt like I was immersing my face in acid every time I used it.
So that's what I have been loving this month.
What products have you been addicted to this month?
Michelle xx

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