Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Procrastination Period is Over!

Ok, peeps, so I have finally had enough of the constant struggle it has become to try and lose my pregnancy weight so I have taken a huge step in the right direction to get things moving.

Today I joined the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation and am super duper excited about what is in store for me over the next few months (and I have to admit a little bit scared too!)

The Michelle Bridges 12WBT is a little bit like an online version of The Biggest Loser. You get meals plans, workout plans and are in charge of sticking to your program to achieve the best outcome that you can at the end of the 12 weeks.

There are also weekly video lessons from Michelle herself plus forum chats and prizes for completing different challenges.

The main motivation for me is definitely to feel better about myself, feel healthier, and of course to get back into the huge amount of old clothes that haven't seen the light of day since I got pregnant and had my little man.

The program has a warm-up stage that has just started where you are supposed to do some mini challenges, introduce yourself and meet your fellow 'team' mates on the forums. Then there's a pre-season which runs for four weeks where you are set more challenges which are meant to get you in the right frame of mind and feeling ready for the intensity of the 12 week program that follows.

What I like is that the program is run over set periods during the year so everyone starts together and finishes at the same time. This will make me feel more motivated as I am travelling at the same pace as everyone else and will force me to monitor my progress against people in a similar situation to me so there will be no excuses!

Another factor that I love is that you can choose your excercise mode from either Outdoors, in the Gym or At Home. I am hoping that by doing the At Home mode I won't have any excuses because I'll be able to do the excercises at any time of the day or night around the little guy and my work in the comfort of my own home.

I am a little bit in shock that I just paid $199 to complete it though. I very, very rarely spend anything near that amount of money on myself these days and I think this will also end up being a huge motivation factor for me because I couldn't stand the thought of wasting that much money on something I'm not going to put my best efforts into.   

Anyway, I just wanted to share the start of my journey (mainly as another way to make me more accountable for what happens over the next couple of months) and will try and keep up with regular posts of how things are travelling along.

Go me!!

12WBT Progress Tracker

Has anyone else ever tried a program like this?

Michelle xx

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