Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rimmel 'The Only 1' Lipstick Review

Oh, is there any better feeling then opening a new lipstick for the first time and applying it?

I must admit that lipsticks are my weakness. Above all makeup products I just can't seem to go past a good lipstick. I really don't know what it is about a lipstick that appeals to me above a pretty blush, or highlighter or whatever but lipsticks are the one thing I don't think I will ever have enough of.

So, when I was lucky enough to receive some of the Rimmel 'The Only 1' lipsticks to trial I was excited beyond words.

I mean, who wouldn't be excited about looking at such pretties all lined up together, hey?

These Rimmel 'The Only 1' lipsticks come in 15 shades of which I received 5 to try out. They are described as an all-in-one lipstick with long lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear.

I must say that I am definitely impressed with the colour payoff and wear of these lipsticks considering how affordable they are. They are a dream to apply and leave my lips feeling soft and moisturised for most of the day. I have managed to get a good 5-6 hours out of one application before needing to touch up and they seem to fade to a nice stain once they do start to wear off.

They are a really creamy lipstick that feel almost like butter when applied onto the lips. They are exceptionally pigmented and dry to a very pretty satin-like finish but do have a very strong, sweet, fruity scent and taste when first applied which does tend to fade pretty quickly though. Also, my biggest test for a lipstick is seeing if it bleed into the lip lines and this one passes that test with flying colours!

I also am a huge fan of the rounded bullet as I tend to prefer this shape to your usual pointed lipstick bullet, but I know this shape does have a tendency to turn a lot of people off.

(Left to Right - 120 You're All Mine, 200 It's A Keeper, 510 Best of the Best)
(Left to Right - 600 Peachy-Beachy, 700 Naughty Nude)
The sleek black packaging of these is a winner for me and I absolutely love the coloured strip that represents the shade of lipstick contained within. There is also a coloured label on the bottom that matches the shade as well so it is always easy to pick out the colour you want to wear no matter how you store them.

And here are the all important swatches:

(Top to bottom - 120 You're All Mine, 200 It's A Keeper, 510 The Best Of The Best, 600 Peachy-Beachy, 700 Naughty Nude)

(Rimmel 'The Only 1' Lipstick - 120 You're All Mine)

(Rimmel 'The Only 1' Lipstick - 200 It's A Keeper)
(Rimmel 'The Only 1' Lipstick - 510 Best Of The Best)

(Rimmel 'The Only 1' Lipstick - 600 Peachy-Beachy)

(Rimmel 'The Only 1' Lipstick - 700 Naughty Nude)
My favourite shade is definitely You're All Mine as it's such a pretty, versatile pink that goes with just about every look. Coming a very close second is Best Of The Best which has to be the most brilliant red lipstick I think I own.

Have you tried The Only 1 lipstick yet? If so, what's your favourite shade?

Have a great day!

Michelle xx

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Benefit Benetint - Discovering a classic for the first time

So, I think I was most likely the last person left on earth who had never tried this product before until only recently. My husband purchased a bottle of this a little while ago as a present for me and because I am generally terrified of using liquid tints like this I put on my best fake smile as a 'Thank You' and promptly put it at the back of my makeup cupboard thinking I would never use it.

But, something in the back of my mind wouldn't let me forget about this little bottle of scary, runny, red liquid (mainly due to how much it cost!) so I decided to make it my mission to try and get over my fear. After what seemed like an endless amount of Googling and Youtubing I finally managed to work out the easiest way to use it and I've never looked back!

Benefit Benetint is described as a rose-tinted lip and cheek stain and after a bit of research I found out that it was originally created for exotic dancers to use in the 1970's to make their 'pink' bits look even pinker.

It's a very thin, runny liquid that looks quite scary when you first take the brush out of the bottle. It's very easy to apply too much but once you get the hang of it, it gives such a beautiful pink flush to the cheeks and lips that is seriously long lasting. The smell of this liquid is something I just can't seem to put my finger on though. It's kind of a mix between a rose/potpourri scent and Turkish delight to me but it doesn't linger around once applied.

My favourite way to use this on my lips is to apply a thin layer all over them before starting the rest of my makeup. Then I apply a second layer at the end once I'm done to darken the tint. After that I apply some clear, pink or red gloss for colour that lasts virtually the entire day. I do find it a little bit too drying to use on my lips on its own, but with a layer of gloss on top my lips feels comfortable for the majority of the day.

Now, when it came to using it on my cheeks at first I was at a complete loss. No matter what I did I either ended up with pink stripes like a zebra or full-on clown cheeks. I just couldn't seem to get the application right to get that rosy glow that everyone else seems to achieve when using it.

That was until good old Youtube saved the day! I found the best and most easiest way to apply this tint after endless searching and I will never do it differently again.

The trick is to brush some onto a clean, flat surface such as a mirror or ceramic tile, dab your preferred blush brush into it and then dab it onto the cheeks in a fast, circular stippling motion until the desired colour is achieved. Genious!! I like to use the edge of my Becca 'The One Perfecting Brush' to do this as it seems to give me the best application and I end up with perfectly flushed cheeks with no noticeable lines or streaks that last all day long.

I now use this application method for all of my other liquid products that previously went unloved and I'm so grateful for discovering this method. It's opened up a whole new world of makeup for me!

And another great benefit to applying it this way is no stained fingers because as you can see in the pictures below, once this puppy is applied, it's on for the long haul!

(Benefit Benetint - Freshly applied on the top and blended out on the bottom)

(Benefit Benetint - after several wipes with makeup remover - it does not budge!)
The only issue I have now is if I accidentally apply too much to my lips it does have a tendency to bleed out into the fine lines so less is definitely more with this product. Always start with a light application and build it up as it's much easier to apply more than it is to take off.

Even though this little bottle can seem a bit costly (around $55 at Sephora), because of the teeny amount you need to use each application it will literally last a lifetime.

Is there anyone else left on the planet that hasn't tried this product yet, or was I seriously the last one?

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Michelle xx


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