Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nails of the Week - Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Wind Fall

I realised the other day that I haven't done a nail post in such a long time so I thought I'd share a shade that I have been wearing an awful lot this summer due to it just being what I think is a 'happy' sort of shade. It's also obviously a green shade which means I was just destined to love it because I have a tendency to be a little bit obsessed with anything I can get my hands on that is green.

This shade is one of the Top Speed range from Revlon and is called Wind Fall. It's a hard green to describe (something I'm normally pretty shocking with anyway) but it's kind of a cross between a green and an aqua to me.

I've always been a big fan of Revlon polishes and have quite a few of them now because they seem to always be a consistent formula that applies well, have a nice shine and last for days. I never seem to have much trouble with Revlon polishes bubbling or streaking either and usually only need to apply two coats to get great coverage.

I personally just love this shade because it's a bit quirky and makes me smile when I look at it. I know it's not a shade that would appeal to everyone but where would the fun be if we were all the same, right?

What polish shades have you been loving lately? 

Michelle xx 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint in Rosy Red - A Hot Pink Mess!

So. without beating around the bush today, this product has pretty much confirmed in concrete my absolute hate for stains.

I received this in one of the monthly subscription boxes a while ago and I really have tried and tried to get to like it but alas, it just isn't meant to be.

Frankly, I've never been a fan of stains. They pretty much terrify me as there is such a fine line between great application and having clown cheeks. Also, any that have been made for use on lips always seem to be terribly drying on me.

This Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint comes in a tube where you have to squeeze the product out and that is its first downfall. There doesn't seem to be any sweet medium with getting this product out. You either get nothing or suddenly a huge blob comes out. It really needs to have an applicator of some description built into the top to make it easier to get out the small amount that you actually need.

Secondly is the fact that it stains almost instantly. You have to be a super blending machine to get this stuff onto the cheeks and blended out or you have some lovely pink racing stripes going on. I just can't seem to do it and I really don't like the fact that I then have to have bright pink fingertips for the rest of the day no matter how many times I wash my hands.

Thirdly is that it is so awfully drying whenever I've tried to use it as a lip tint. I've tried applying some lip balm first but then the stain seems to just slip off the lips and bleed into all the fine lines around them so yet again, it just seems all too hard.

As you can see in the above picture, it is a very, very bright stain which leaves absolutely no room for error. Unfortunately, I mustn't be dextrous enough to use products like this and I really don't have the time to keep trying with products that take too much effort these days.  

Has anyone else used this and been successful? If anyone has any insider tips on using stains I'd love to know!

Have a great week!

Michelle xx

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Face of the Day - Using some old favourites

I only realised the other day how long it has actually been since I did a face of the day and put my big mug on the blog for all to see. I always want to show my face of the day but by the time I've put my makeup on in between stopping no less than 20 times to make sure my toddler isn't burning our house down in another room, then trying to remember to get some photos before we rush out the door, then trying to remember what products I actually used when I come to write it all down is a bit of a mission and a half these days.

This look is one that I wear quite often as I am a huge fan of a purple toned eye. I feel that purple seems to suit me more than most other shades and paired with a white or cream shadow it also makes me look a bit more awake than I really am too! I was also on a mission to use some of my older products that had been forgotten about on this day as well.

Here is what I used for this look:

* Mirenesse Absolutely Firm Treatment Primer
* Bourjois  Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in Vanilla mixed with a little bit of the Models Prefer Illuminizor in Illuminate to brighten my skin
* Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer under my eyes and over any blemishes
* Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Matte Finishing Veil in Translucent
* Australis Bronzing Powder in Golden to contour and Prestige Mineral Bronzing Powder in Pure Shimmer to highlight

* Clinique Quick Blush in In-A Rush Blush
* Avon Glimmersticks Brow Definer in Tawny
* Clinique High Impact Eye Shadow in Sugar Sugar all over the lid with CK Intense Eyeshadow in Merlot blended into the outer half of the lid and into the crease
* Camouflage Colour Skin Crayon as a liner - This doesn't have a shade name but is a browny/purple colour
* Almay Intense I-Colour Volumising Mascara in Midnight
* ASAP Pure Mineral Lip Pencil in Two as a liner with MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in How Darling

This is a nice subtle workday look for me that doesn't take much thinking and is pretty quick to do.

What looks have you been loving lately?

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Talavou Naturals Glo - A Bronzer With a Difference

I received this Bronzer a little while ago in one of the monthly sample boxes I subscribe to (I think it was Bellabox??). At first I was a little disappointed because loose powder products scare me a little because of how messy and hard to apply they can be sometimes. Fortunately, this one ended up growing on me and becoming my go-to bronzer this summer due to just how lovely it looks on the skin.

There wasn't all that much information on the product card I received with this so I went onto the Talavou Naturals website to find out a little bit more. Talavou Naturals are Australian owned (always a big bonus!) and are a family business dedicated to producing natural makeup products.

Here is a little bit about their Glo powder from the website:

'Feeling pale, but don't want the 'fake brown' look?
Try Glo!
Not your average bronzer!
A glitter-free pink based blend to help achieve a light natural radiant glow all year round.
Works like a bronzer with a hint of rose.
Excellent for light & medium skin tones.
Dust all over face and neckline.'

I must say that this is probably the best bronzer I have used in a while as far as how it suits my pale skin tone. It blends really easily onto the skin and although I do sometimes make a little mess in the bathroom after using this, I can forgive such a small annoyance when I get such good results without looking like I've got brown racing stripes on my face.

If I'm in a hurry I can easily use this as a quick blush and it even makes a great eyeshadow too. I get so excited when I find multiple uses for a product!

Talavou Glo also has absolutely no scent that I can detect at all so for those of you who prefer unscented products you will like this one and there isn't the slightest bit of shimmer which I love.

See below for some swatches:

(Talavou Naturals Glo - Regular light)

(Talavou Naturals Glo - With flash)

(Talavou Naturals Glo lightly blended into the skin)
I always love discovering new Aussie brands and am definitely keen to try some more products from this company now.

Has anyone else tried Talavou Naturals products before? If so, what did you think?

Michelle xx

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting My Glow On with Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Shimmering Sand

A little while ago I picked up a tiny tube of wonder from Rimmel called Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch (to be known as Simmer Touch from this point on :-)) in the shade Shimmering Sand.

At first I was actually at a little loss as to what to use this for. I loved it in Priceline, but when I got it home I started having second thoughts because it seemed a lot darker and more shimmery than I first thought and with my pale skin it was a bit scary.

But, being the persistent being that I am, I finally found a way that I can use Shimmer Touch practically every day, and that is by mixing a drop of it into my Nude by Nature BB Cream of a morningon the days I'm not going to be wearing foundation.  It is well known that the Nude by Nature BB Cream is very, very matte so the two of these products are seriously a match made in heaven. I get a super radiant glow that fools the world into thinking that I do actually get enough sleep and that I'm not stuck inside like a hermit in front of a computer for 12 hours a day.

Now, when I tried to photograph Shimmer Touch it was not playing nice. I just couldn't seem to capture the prettiness of it unless I went out into the backyard in full sun and it still didn't translate well into a photo.

(Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Shimmering Sand - Full sun)
(Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Shimmering Sand - Inside in natual light)
Shimmer Touch could be used as a lovely shimmery bronzer or contour shade for those of you that have the skin tone to pull it off. There are four different shades available and Shimmering Sand seems to be the darkest of the lot (in hindsight I really should have gone for a lighter shade but pfft!).

Just be warned that this product really does pack in a lot of shimmer in a small package so a little goes a very long way. Even though it only comes in a 14ml tube I envisage it lasting for quite some time due to the teeny amount that needs to be used for each application.

Has anyone used any of the other shades in this range yet? Are they worth adding to the collection?

Michelle xx

A Little Bit of a Tweak

If it isn't blazingly obvious, Michelle's Little Beauty Space has had a little makeover. I finally got sick of the old look which I wasn't really able to do much with and decided to give it a little bit of an update.

I'm no expert on web design at all so have still kept things nice and basic for the time being until I get more time to have a bit of a play around.

This new look represents me a bit better and my love of the outdoors, gardening and nature in general (and all things green!) so I hope you like it.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Michelle xx

Saturday, February 1, 2014

MAC Stroke of Midnight Eye Palette - Cool

Ok, so I admit that I almost decided not to come back to the dear old blog. My life has taken a very unexpected hectic turn with my personal business getting very, very busy over the last couple of months. Trying to manage that growth along with my regular job as well as attempting to be a half decent mother to my almost three year old and keeping up with all my wifey duties on top of it all has pulled me in way too many directions lately and unfortunately I had to take a step back from some things for a little while.

But, the pull of blogging turned out to be too strong and I'm taking a big breath and attempting to juggle it all. Seriously, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had spare time these days anyway!!

So, as I promised weeks ago when I did this post, I am finally sharing my thoughts on the MAC Stroke of Midnight Eye Palette in Cool that my wonderful hubby bought for me when he had to go overseas for a week in November for work.

This pretty has not left my makeup table since it was opened. I cannot say enough how much I love all of the shades in this palette and how versatile and easy to use they are.

This palette comes with five eyeshadow shades, three of which are a little bit shimmery and the other two are quite matte. It also comes with a dual ended brush that can be used to blend the shadow as well as line the eyes if you wish.

The shades are as follows:

* Fair Sex
* Deception
* Romance me
* Frisco; and
*Shadowy Lady

 (Natural Light)
 (With flash)

This palette can be used for an everyday subtle eye look as well as making a pretty good smoky eye. The shadows all blend beautifully with one another and last for a good few hours on me before creasing. I don't really notice too much fallout when using these shadows either which is a nice bonus.

My favourite look is using the pale cream shade all over the lid with some of the matte pink shade on the outer half of the lid with the dark purple shade blended into the crease or as a liner along the top lashes.

This is my first experience with using any MAC eyeshadows and I have to say it's definitely made me want to try some more.

Has anyone else tried this palette as well?

Have a great weekend!

Michelle xx


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