Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Talavou Naturals Glo - A Bronzer With a Difference

I received this Bronzer a little while ago in one of the monthly sample boxes I subscribe to (I think it was Bellabox??). At first I was a little disappointed because loose powder products scare me a little because of how messy and hard to apply they can be sometimes. Fortunately, this one ended up growing on me and becoming my go-to bronzer this summer due to just how lovely it looks on the skin.

There wasn't all that much information on the product card I received with this so I went onto the Talavou Naturals website to find out a little bit more. Talavou Naturals are Australian owned (always a big bonus!) and are a family business dedicated to producing natural makeup products.

Here is a little bit about their Glo powder from the website:

'Feeling pale, but don't want the 'fake brown' look?
Try Glo!
Not your average bronzer!
A glitter-free pink based blend to help achieve a light natural radiant glow all year round.
Works like a bronzer with a hint of rose.
Excellent for light & medium skin tones.
Dust all over face and neckline.'

I must say that this is probably the best bronzer I have used in a while as far as how it suits my pale skin tone. It blends really easily onto the skin and although I do sometimes make a little mess in the bathroom after using this, I can forgive such a small annoyance when I get such good results without looking like I've got brown racing stripes on my face.

If I'm in a hurry I can easily use this as a quick blush and it even makes a great eyeshadow too. I get so excited when I find multiple uses for a product!

Talavou Glo also has absolutely no scent that I can detect at all so for those of you who prefer unscented products you will like this one and there isn't the slightest bit of shimmer which I love.

See below for some swatches:

(Talavou Naturals Glo - Regular light)

(Talavou Naturals Glo - With flash)

(Talavou Naturals Glo lightly blended into the skin)
I always love discovering new Aussie brands and am definitely keen to try some more products from this company now.

Has anyone else tried Talavou Naturals products before? If so, what did you think?

Michelle xx

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