Friday, December 30, 2016

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Blaze (OR 508)

I purchased this liquid lip glaze on a whim one day when I spotted it for sale online as I'd never tried a Shiseido lip product before.

This lip product comes in a cute, little tube with a doe foot applicator this is nice and easy to open and close and mess-free when applied.

It's a lovely, smooth liquid lip glaze that applies nice and evenly and it gives exceptional coverage with just one coat.

Unfortunately, I'm not too sure what possessed me to purchase the shade Blaze as orange lips have never seemed to suit me and I can never work them into a makeup look.

(Shiseido Lacquer Rouge - Blaze (OR 508))
As far as the formula goes, it doesn't bleed into my lip lines which is a bonus and it always feels more like a lip balm when applied as it's so lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. I can't seem to notice any smell or taste once applied which I also really like.

It seems to wear off pretty evenly throughout the day and does have to be re-applied every couple of hours, especially when doing a lot of talking, eating or drinking so I can't say that it's a very long wearing formula.

I just really wish that I'd bought one of the pink or red shades now that I could get more use out of, but there's always next time!

Have you ever tried one of these lip lacquers before?

Have a super New Year everyone!!

Michelle xx

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