Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still Waiting......

Well I am still waiting on my Lust Have It delivery which according to the tracking details will hopefully be turning up tomorrow. Typical, I would normally be home tomorrow but for once my husband is working from home so I'm planning on going into work to do a few things so won't be here when my delivery comes. I'm going to be VERY excited when I get home though! (Provided it actually comes).

Currently Reading: Today I finished 'All Together Dead' by Charlaine Harris and will soon be starting the next instalment in the Sookie Stackhouse series which is 'From Dead To Worse'. In a way I'm starting to get a bit tired with this series but will keep persevering as my best friend has already read them all and will kill me if I give up now :-)

I'm a little bit excited about another delivery I'm waiting on from Dymocks which is for two new books. One is 'Red Dog' and the other one is 'Go The F&*k To Sleep'. I've being seeing the previews on television for the movie adaptation of Red Dog and really want to read the book first before I see the film. Hopefully it will be worth the wait!
The second book I bought purely for the laugh factor. I recently watched a You Tube video where Samuel L Jackson narrates this book and it is absolutely hilarious. Being the mother of an almost 5 month old this book is very close to my heart and I'm sure my husband and I will have a lot a laughs over it in the months to come.

Currently Loving: My Garnier 7 Day Repairing Lotion. This moisturiser is one of the nicest I have used and when you look at it's price it's also once of the most cost effective. It feels so silky smooth when I apply it and I just love the smell as it's not too overpowering as some other brands. I don't really know about the 7 days of moisture claim but I must admit that even if I don't put it on every night (sometimes I must admit I'm just feeling too lazy after a shower to apply moisturiser on my body) I haven't felt dry or itchy once which is a really new feeling to me considering I suffer from sensitive skin which is prone to eczema almost all year round.

Currently Eating: My husband decided in his infinite wisdom last weekend that we would try and follow one of the CSIRO Wellbeing diet plans. I must admit I've felt extremely healthy after eating every meal, mainly due to the 17 different vegetables you have to add to every dish (That may be a slight exaggeration...) Unfortunately I have been a little hungry and restless now and then through the day as well so all this effort better be worth it. My husband claims he's got 'sympathy' weight which he put on when I was pregnant and is having as much trouble as me in losing it again. At least I have an excuse!! Anyway, we'll have to see how we both feel at the end of this week. With my gym and personal training workouts in conjunction with this diet I better be looking fine by the end of this week or I won't be impressed :-)

Anyway, that's enough from me tonight. I really should have spent the time it took me to write this a bit more constructively by studying but oh well!

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