Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Lust Have It

Ok, so I know this is now November and I admit that I received this delivery a couple of weeks ago and was debating whether to even post about it all this time. The main reason for this delay is because I was just so utterley underwhelmed by this October box that I wasn't even interested in really sharing the contents of it.

Anyway, in the interest of consistency here is what I received in the October box:

1) Waxaway Ready To Use Sensitive Wax Strips (2 x strip sample, RRP from $9.95 for 20 strips) - They're wax strips, not much more to say.

2) Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura EDT (5ml sample, RRP $70 for 50ml) - This is probably the best item in the box for me this month. It's a lovely fragrance that I really like. I've never been a huge fan of the original Red Door but I can easily see myself wearing this one.

3) Say It With Scent Lavender Hand & Body Lotion (30ml sample, RRP $26.80 for 200ml) - It's a nice enough lotion that will definitely get used. It's a good size for the handbag.

4) Star & Rose - Rose Confetti Soap (3 pack RRP $9.95) - These are such a lovely concept but just aren't practical at all in my opinion. The last large one of these I received several boxes back practically disolved into a puddle of mush after just sitting in my bathroom with the steam in there from the shower. These may become part of someone's Xmas gift this year I think.

5) Montaser Renitence Eye Revival Cream (5ml sample?, RRP from $59.95 for 15ml) - I love to try new eye creams but this one looks a bit like pea and ham soup so it certainly better work because it would never be purchased for how nice it looks!

Anyway, that's everything I received for the October box. All of it will get utilised in some form or another but nothing really had that exciting 'wow' factor this month. And as per many other occassions, there wasn't a makeup item in sight. Maybe it's the age group I'm in or something which is why I don't really get anything fun? Othe boxes I've seen at least had a nail polish which would have been welcomed.

I think this may be it for my Lust Have It journey. I have recently bit the bullet and subscribed to the Mirenesse VIP club after being swayed by reading about it over at Beauty in a Bottle. I'd been pondering whether to join up or not for months and decided that if I cancel Lust Have It I only need to add another $10 for the Mirenesse club and I know I love every one of their products I try so hopefully it will be win win.

What did you think of Lust Have It this month? Am I being too harsh? Has anyone else ever been a member of the Mirenesse VIP club?

Michelle xx


  1. That's a pretty crappy box. I unsubscribed from LHI ages ago and from what I've seen I made the right decision.

    I'll be interested to hear how you like the Mirenesse VIP club, I've been considering signing up too.

    1. Yeah well I'm unsubscribing now too. I'm sticking with Bellabox though which seems to still be just that little bit better and worth keeping for now.
      I made a huge Mirenesse order last week to use up my first voucher and was very pleased with the extra free items I was entitled to. I'm most excited to see what my first VIP box from them will contain.

  2. I'm not a subscriber of LHI but i subscribe to Bellabox. Before I made my choice, I spent a long time researchning and finding out what others thought and I did see that LHI seemed to have a lot of negative feedback :( I would have thought they would pick up their game slowly but obviously not x

    1. It's a shame because Lust Have It used to be my favourite at first but have just gone downhill the last few months.

  3. I got a Vanilla Say it with Scent in my September box. The Soaps look cute though. I wasn't impressed with the wax strips. You can get them as a free sample of the waxaway website, and i had got one weeks ago.

    1. I know, I've seen those wax strips available in other places for free as well. Was the vanilla scent nice? I usually love vanilla products so would have preferred that to the lavender but oh well.


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