Monday, November 12, 2012

Worst Manicure Ever! B Collection by Bloom Nail Polish in Miami

I purchased this polish a little while ago when Target was having a massive sale on some Bloom items. It looked so shiny and pretty but unfortunately is one of the most difficult polishes I have ever had to contend with.

First up, it's a very thick polish so it goes on quite streaky and is then hard to even out on the nail. It's almost thick enough that you could get away with applying only one coat but just not opaque enough for me so I decided to try applying two coats. Big mistake!! Two coats meant bubble city started to happen on my nails and then two hours later it was still not fully dry and kept smudging on everything I touched.

Now I'm a pretty seasoned veteran when it comes to applying nail polish so I know it can't be my technique. But, in the name of all things fair I will be trying it again to see if maybe I was just having a bad polish day.

It's such a shame too as it's a really gorgeous shade if it wasn't for how awful it is to apply!

Have you been disappointed by any nail polishes lately?

Michelle xx


  1. That sucks. I had the same problems with Essie's matallics line:)

    Sara xx

    1. It's so disappointing because it's such a pretty shade but just way too much hard work to make it look good on the nails.

  2. There's nothing worse than a nail polish that takes forever to dry! I use Sally Hansen Quick Dry Top Coat as I'm so impatient.

    Nice blog btw, I found you on :)

    Elspeth xx

    1. I've got that top coat and it works great. I don't think it would have saved this polish though, it was just too thick.
      Thanks for the nice comment :-)


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