Friday, November 16, 2012

Napoleon Perdis 'The One' Concealer

A couple of months ago I had a makeover at my local DJ's Napoleon Perdis counter and could not believe the magic the makeup assistant did using this cute little pot.

I must admit that I initially thought the girl was a bit insane when she first brought this out and opened the lid to show me what was inside. I mean, I'm quite pale skinned and this concealer is a bright peach kind of colour but she assured me that she wasn't crazy and that it was going to work just fine.

Which, of course, it did. I was blown away at how this peach toned concealer manages to just blend right into the skin without being noticeable at all and it didn't sink into any of my fine lines or end up budging hours after it was applied. I looked wide awake for the first time since my son was born!

Anyway, of course she won me over and I just had to buy some of this little wonder to see if I could replicate her handy work just as easily at home. Which I could!!

The secret to this concealer is the peachy/nude shade which seems to neutralise blue or purple under eye circles or any other redness from blemishes you might have on the skin. It's super creamy to use and scarily opaque when first applied. It does work better blended in with the fingers I found as it needs to be warmed up a little bit prior to use and I find that I don't seem to get the same results if I use a concealer brush to apply it instead.

Here are some before and after photos to show you how great this little product is:

(Before: Purple circles under the eyes, what I wouldn't do for a week of sleep.....)

(Applying The One Concealer in light dabs with a concealer brush. Look at how bright it is against my skin!)
(After a little bit of blending with my finger)

(Fully blended in)
(I look almost awake!)

I will admit that this is not a concealer to use if you are in a hurry as it does need a bit of blending to vanish into your skin but it's definitely worth the effort. I love using this concealer for days when I want to make a bit more effort or for nights out as it definitely works better under the eyes than most of the other concealers I have at home.

I also love the fact it doesn't sink into the fine lines around my eyes as some other concealers do. After I apply some setting powder it seems to float above my skin and lasts all day without caking.

So, have you tried The One yet?

Michelle xx

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  1. looks like an interesting product! follow back?


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