Friday, November 30, 2012

November Lust Have It

After the utter disappointment that was last months box I had decided to unsubscribe to Lust Have It but ended up totally forgetting to and before I knew it another delivery had landed on my doorstep.

I'm thinking I might as well see out the year with them now and then make a decision as to whether to keep up with my subscrition or not.

Anyway, on with what was in the November box (or bag as the case may be again):

1) ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara (Full size, RRP $28) - Apparently this mascara hasn't hit the shops yet so that is a little exciting. This has got ModelCo's signature mirror built into the side of the tube so it is great for touch-ups on the go.

2) Evodia Roll-On Fragrance (Full size, RRP $12.95) - I was so excited when I realised one of these was in the bag as I have heard such good things but then got majorly disappointed when I realised what scent I received. I got the Coconut & Lime one which I'm not even going to open as anything that is fake coconut scented is almost guaranteed to be an instant migraine trigger. I'll probably end up gifting this to a friend.

3) GKMBJ One Minute Hair Treatment (30gm sample, RRP $26.50 for 200ml) - This is definitely something that interests me; a treatment that only takes one minute! I love hair masks and treatments but hate having to put it in my hair then get out of the shower and wait for 15-20 minutes, then get all wet again to rinse it off. If I can do this while showering and it only takes 1 minute, then I'm a happy girl!

4) Aviva Inspires Skin Glow Light Tan Extender (30ml sample, RRP $30 for 232ml) - I think this is like a gradual tanner that you apply for a few days straight to build up a tan, or you can use it over the top of a normal self-tanner to prolong its life. I prefer gradual tanners as they are easier to use on my pale skin so I'm interested to see how this one works.

5) Star & Rose Hologram Tweezer (Full size, RRP $9.95) - These are really pretty and will make a nice addition to my makeup bag.

Overall, the contents this month were a big improvement on last month and if it wasn't for not being able to stand anything that is coconut scented then I would have been extremely happy with everything this month.

What does everyone else think of the contents this month?

Michelle xx

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