Sunday, November 18, 2012

Silk Oil of Morocco Lip Gloss in Moroccan Sunrise

I purchased this lip gloss a few weeks ago from the Bellabox shop and have been pleasantly surprised with it so far.

This gloss comes in your typical glass tube with a doe-foot applicator. According to the Silk Oil of Morocco website, these lip glosses contain the following beneficial ingredients:

Certified Organic Argan OilKey active ingredient provides hydration to the skin and contains many vitamins and fatty acids that have amazing healing properties. In particular, Vitamin E and Lineoic Acids help protect the skin from oxidisation (aging), environmental pollution and harsh UV rays. It is non-greasy and light.

Spearmint Oil

Naturally restoring and plumping

Tocopheral (Vitamin E)

Heals, rejuvenates, softens, soothes and protects. A powerful anti-oxidant that reduces the aging process.

The shade Moroccan Sunrise is described as a Fuchsia with pinky gold undertones. I'd describe it more as a pinky-peach with quite a bit of shimmer.

Overall I like this gloss and the way it feels on my lips. The spearmint flavouring it quite refreshing and it's not a gloss that's too sticky or gloopy so it stays put on the lips for a good couple of hours.

Personally I would have preferred it to have been a bit more pigmented when applied but it's become a good gloss for me to slap on when I'm in a hurry and don't need to worry about precision. I've also found that it's lovely to apply over any of my pink or peach lipsticks to give them that little bit of extra shine.

Silk Oil of Morocco is Australian made and owned which I just love. It's always good to help support our great Aussie brands.

Has anyone tried any of the other shades in this range?

Michelle xx

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