Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Neem Oil Products

One of our pet Beagles, Barney, has had skin problems ever since we adopted him when he was 16 months old. He is now 3 years old and no matter what I have tried, his itching has never been able to be controlled. From the expensive sensitive skin diets, anti-histamine medication, medicated shampoos, you name it, I tried it. Well, one day my husband was having lunch with an old friend and the topic of poor Barney's skin issue somehow came up and his friend recommended we try this product he'd magically found for his dog who has a similar product. The product was Neem Oil.
As I couldn't see the harm in trying yet another product that could possibly finally be the one that works, I hopped onto the internet and searched for Neem Oil and eventually found Neeming Australia, a small company that makes every product imaginable using this oil, including a range for pets. Their website claims that Neem in "Ayuverda has relieved so many different pains, fevers, infections and other complaints such as Eczema, Psoriasis, even Leprosy that it has been referred to as the Village Pharmacy. In India it is believed that the Neem Tree has miraculous powers and now scientists all around the world are beginning to understand its huge potential."

So, I got a little bit carried away when I made my order and ended up purchasing the following items:
1) Herbal Dog Spray 750ml

2) Herbal Pet Powder 140gm
3) Neem Rich Pet Soap 100gm

4) 5 Special Soaps - including a Lavender Bar, Mango Bar, Ultra Sensitive Beauty Bar, Natural Beauty Bar and Crystal & Olive Oil Bar (I couldn't resist getting something for myself as well :-))

Well, after a couple of months of using a combination of the Herbal Dog Spray and the Herbal Pet Powder on our Barney Boy I must say that his itching has definitely decreased. Most noticeably at night when he would wake us up with such vigorous scratching my husband and I have realised that this doesn't seem to happen anymore. The smell can be a bit overpowering, especially since our dogs are allowed inside the house when we are home, but it tends to fade pretty quickly once the products are absorbed into the coat.
Therefore, I would have to also give my recommendation to anyone who may have a pet with skin problems or know of anyone who has. These products seem to have done what we thought was the impossible. I haven't used the Neem Rich Pet Soap as yet as I only wash our puppies once a month or so during winter but will definitely be using it for their next bath to compound the effect we are seeing already.

As far as the 5 soaps I bought for myself, I've so far used the Ultra Sensitive Beauty Bar and the Mango Bar. I have a tendency to suffer from eczema during winter and I found the first soap to be quite nice to use. I always noticed after using it that I had a kind of oily coating on my skin which the water just beaded off of and this made me feel moisturised for ages after my shower. I amazingly didn't get any eczema this winter either which I almost can't believe.
I am halfway through using the Mango Bar and even though it isn't as nice as using the Ultra Sensitive Bar, it's still a nice moisturising soap to use.

Anyway, that's my Neem Oil story. I wonder how many other unknown natural products there are out there that can benefit common ailments that next to no-one knows about like this little beauty???

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