Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bloom 'Clean with Envy - Green Clay Mask'

Now, I would almost call myself an expert on face masks. Having oily skin with huge pores that can be seen a mile away has made me try almost every mask around in an attempt to improve my complexion. I can now say that I think I have found a winner!
This clay mask is easy to apply, doesn't smell too strong and I just love that while it dries you don't feel as if you have cement setting on your face. You can actually still move your eyes and mouth without feeling like your face will crack, now that's got to be a BIG bonus!
I usually use this mask in the bath once a week so I can just sit back and relax while it works and I usually remove it using a damp face washer so no residue is left on the skin. Afterwards my face feels soooooo smooth and not one bit dry which is also another problem I've found with other masks.
Another plus is that a little seems to go a long way. I've used this product for a couple of months now on a regular weekly basis and I still seem to have over half of the pot left. Talk about value for money!
Anyway, I highly recommend this product to anyone with oily skin who may be sick of other harsh face masks that seem to do more harm than good.

On another note, I'm lucky to be awake right now after one of the most stressful nights I've had in a long time. One of our cats, Caesar, a huge fluffy mega-cat (all 7 kgs of him!) went missing last night and I swear I was as distraught as if he'd been a child of ours. We noticed he wasn't inside after having dinner and after checking the whole house and then calling outside for hours and driving around the streets behind our house the panic started to set in as neither of our cats are outdoor cats and I was terrified he'd get lost, eaten by a dog, hit by a car or all of the above!
Anyway, after a panic stricken night with NO sleep at all (and loads of tears, especially once it started to rain and I kept picturing him laying in a ditch somewhere all soaking wet) we heard a small meowing coming from somewhere near the kitchen this morning. Well, low and behold, we open the pantry doors and out strides one sleepy-eyed cat, stretching and purring as if nothing had happened. If only he knew the distress his little game of hide and seek caused!!

Anyway, talk soon.

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