Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everyday Minerals Cheek Colour in Nature's Sweet Side

I was recently introduced to this blush when I received it in one of the monthly sample boxes I get and I just can't seem to get used to it as much as I try and try.

I have to admit that this is my first ever loose mineral powder product and I now know why I have tried to steer clear of them in the past. They are just so ridiculously messy to use!!

No matter what I do I end up with this product everywhere in a big powdery cloud. I also find it pratically impossible to get the amount of product on my brush right too and either end up with not enough or waaaaay too much.

Is there a trick that I just haven't found when using these sifter type containers. I have found that turning the container upside down and tapping when it's sealed seems to be the easiest way to get some powder out for use but then the residue in the lid just ends up going everywhere.

Overall, this is just way too much effort for very little gain as far as I'm concerned.

 (Left: First swatched, Right: Blended out)

The shade I received, Nature's Sweet Side, is a darker pink that almost leans towards looking mauve in the container but when it's blended out it turns into a weird kind of bronzey/orange shade. Now I don't know if this is just a reaction purely with my skin tone or whether this is normal but it has really turned me off from using this blush.

On a positive note, this blush does last a long time on my skin and manages to get through an entire work day for me without much fading. It also doesn't seem to accentuate my pores at all and is pretty easy to blend even though the colour change is very offputting.

I'm kind of glad I didn't personally purchase this blush as I'd be even more disappointed if I had. It certainly hasn't made me want to rush out and try any more mineral products either.

Am I just an uncoordinated ninny by thinking that loose powders are too difficult to use?? Is the colour change when applied normal or am I radioactive or something??

I hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Michelle xx


  1. Tap a little into the lid and swirl your brush around in it - tap on the side and repeat the swirl. I use bareminerals they are messy but they are awesome. Bareminerals is trying to press more things so maybe minerals without the mess is on its way. Thanks for the review!!


    1. Thanks for the tip. I've seen a lot of videos where they do what you're suggesting but when I've tried it I still ended up with a mess everywhere and always too much on my brush.
      It must just be me..... :-)

  2. hey Michelle - I've nominated you for the liebster award


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