Saturday, January 26, 2013

Disappointment of the Month - Mirenesse Flawless Revolution 24hr Skin Corrector

As this is only my second ever Disappointment of the Month post, you know that I don't give up on a product easily. Unfortunately, I am at a complete loss with this one and feel I'd be doing the public a disservice by not mentioning it.

(So pretty, but so useless!)

I have to admit, I bought this product for the eye candy factor originally. I thought it looked so pretty and decided I had to have it. As you are aware I have a bit of a soft spot for Mirenesse products and have loved virtually everything of their's I have tried so far but I just could not get my head around what this one was supposed to do.

The Mirenesse Flawless Revolution Antiageing 3 in 1 24hr Skin Corrector claims to be a multi-tasking skin corrector with revolutionary Chromafusion Technology to instantly perfect and correct skin colour and texture.

It's made up of 4 different creams swirled together which all work (supposedly) as follows:
* Clear - smoothes pores and lines
* Lemon - corrects darkness
* Peach - corrects dullness
* Green - corrects redness

Now, no matter how I apply this product, I can't get it to either stay on my skin or look anything other than like snakeskin. When I rub it in I get one section to look really good (the instructions are very strict that you have to only apply it to one section of the face at a time) but then as soon as I try to apply it to another section, if I accidentally go anywhere near the bit I just applied it starts to rub itself away and then clumps on my skin and overall becomes impossible to work with.

Also, it makes my pores look huge!! It seems to sink into them which makes me look like I have little white-filled craters all over my face. Not a good look!

The last straw is the fact that not a single foundation I own will go over this product without clumping and/or rubbing it off and causing an awful mess on my skin. It's just so hard to explain, but think of it the same way as if you just applied fresh filler to a hole in a wall and didn't let it dry properly before trying to paint over it. The filler bunches in with the paint and starts to flake off the wall all over the place - well that pretty much what happens every time I try to apply foundation when I'm wearing this product.

The end result is usually me giving up and washing my face and starting all over again with my old faithful primers.

I've never been so frustrated with a product in my life!

Here is an example I tried to capture of the snakeskin effect and how it highlights rather than smoothes my pores:

(Extremely exaggerated pores!)
So yes, this product is unfortunately going in the 'Do not use unless absolutely desperate or I feel like punishing myself' pile until I can bare to part with it (It's certrainly not that cheap at around $69.50 a bottle, or $55.60 for VIPs). If it wasn't for the pricetag, it would be going straight into the bin, but I feel some sort of need to keep trying to work with it until I just can't even look at the prettiness of it anymore to try and justify how much I paid for it.
So, so sad.....
Has anyone else ever used this product before? Is there a special trick to using it that I just don't know about?
Michelle xx


  1. I've never used this product before but thanks for the heads up! I think I won't be buying it. I'm really sorry to hear that it's a waste of your money.

    1. Yes, it's quite sad when you get really excited about a product and it doesn't perform anything like you expect.

  2. Dear Michelle
    I'm thinking of getting the flawless foundation today for my pale oily tone ageing slightly red undertone skin. Busy married working mother with get it. I love the sound of does everything in one go


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