Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nails of the Week - Butter London 'Trout Pout'

I spied with my little eye today while shopping that you could get a free Butter London nail polish with the December issue of Madison magazine. Well, I just couldn't pass this offer up as I'm always up for a freebie with purchase (as long as it's something I'd normally buy anyway).

There were two colours available and I chose 'Trout Pout' which is a bright salmon pink. The other colour was a neutral brown kind of colour (I didn't check on the name).

I'm not normally a pink kind of girl but I kind of like this one. It would probably look so much better if I wasn't so Irish white.

This is a really nice polish to apply and gives quite good coverage with only two coats. It has a lovely shine to it too so I didn't even bother with a top coat (I like to live dangerously sometimes!) It seemed to dry nice and fast too which is a great bonus.

Oh well, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We finally got some sunshine here today which saw us taking bub to the beach for his first time ever. He loved playing in the rock pools and having the waves roll over him while our puppy dogs ran up and down the beach saying hello to everyone they came across. I just love family days when we get some spare time to spend together. It just doesn't happen often enough these days.



  1. That color is gorgeous and looks good on your skin

  2. Thanks very much Miss Lego. It would probably look much nicer on skin that is a bit more tanned. For the first time ever I actually got a compliment at the shops about how nice this polish was. I've never had that happen before!

  3. very lovely colour ! I like it !


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