Thursday, November 10, 2011

Calvin Klein Haul

Recently Oz Sale had a sale on Calvin Klein cosmetics and I just couldn't help myself from getting a few things. Frankly, I must be terribly ignorant because I didn't even realise that Calvin Klein made cosmetics and that is what mainly intrigued me to try some of the products.

Here is what I got:

* Creme Lipstick in First Kiss - This is a nice nude lipstick bordering on being slightly pinkish. It applies nice and smooth and even has a pleasant taste (something that is actually quite important to me in a lipstick).

* Intense Eyeshadows in Merlot and Gold Lame - These are lovely pigmented eyeshadows. Merlot is a dark purple which will be great as a crease shade and Gold Lame is a really pretty golden colour that will nice as a highlighter.

* Delicious Pout Flavoured Lip Gloss in Breathless - This is a really pretty pale pink gloss with a slight glittery shimmer to it. It tastes really yummy too, kind of like those jelly lollies you can get.

Anyway, that's my little toe-dip into the work of Calvin Klein cosmetics. Overall I'm really happy with the actual colours as it's always so hard buying from the internet when you can't see a product in real life.

Has anyone else ever tried Calvin Klein makeup before??


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