Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Lust Have It Box

I was very excited to receive the November Lust Have It box yesterday as I normally don't get it so soon and have to wait until almost a week after it's despatched before it arrives but surprisingly it only took two days this time.

This is what this month's box looked like (apologies for the crap lighting. I think I must live in the darkest house on earth!)

This is what it contains:

* RoC Complete Lift Lifting Daily Moisturiser (3 x 5ml) - This moisturising cream is enriched with hydrating agents for comfort lasting all day long. It targets skin firming and offers a new Lift and Fix technology. It plumps and hydrates the skin and makes it appear more dense and supple.

* Nude by Nature Mineral Lip Liner in Chique Natural (Full size) - This lip liner is 100% natural with no toxic ingredients and delivers long wearing, waterproof colour. The colour is your typical nude (see below picture) and it seems to glide on quite smooth. It also has a lip brush on the other end which is interesting. I'm not really sure if it's to use for smudging the liner or for applying your lipstick over the top.

* Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose (2 x 1.5ml) - This is a colourful, upbeat and joyful fragrance which embodies a mischievous femininity. I've sprayed this on myself already and find it VERY sweet. It may be a little too sweet for me but I'll see if it ends up growing on me.

* Hawley International Miracle Shine 2 Step Miracle Nail Shiner (Full size) - Creates the ultimate shine. One side prepares the nail and the other side shines. This seems to be an awesome nail buffer. I've played with it on a couple of my nails and can't stop staring at how shiny and smooth they are!

* Kerastase Nectar Thermique (5 x 10ml) - This protects the hair fibre from the damaging effects of heat styling. Hair is instantly nourished, facilitates the easy glide of the brush or smoothing iron for shape styling and has frizz control for a silk-like feel.

So, that's it for the November box. I'm not as impressed with it as I have been with the previous month's but that could be because the novelty of receiving these is wearing off a little too.

What does everyone else think of this month's box?



  1. I liked the Midnight's a very girly pretty perfume. Used the Hawley on my nails and they are so much shinier than when I use the Manicare shine block.

  2. I've now used the Midnight Rose a couple of times and it is starting to grow on me. I am totally in love with the Hawley nail shiner. I don't want to ruin my nails by putting polish on them anymore!


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