Friday, November 25, 2011

Pantene Aqua Light

Recently I was lucky enough to be picked as part of the trial team for Beautyheaven for the new Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner range.

This was one Shampoo & Conditioner that I was very interested to try. I have extremely fine hair that gets weighed down by anything. I've never been able to successfully use most hair products due to my hair just not having enough oomph to take it.

Pantene Aqua Light claims to have new clean rinse technology which leaves hair with zero residue and zero weight.

Pantene Aqua Light - Lightweight Nourishing Shampoo
The packaging on this shampoo is great as it's easy to grab and hold in the shower while squeezing the product out and the smell was really nice without being too overpowering.
The shampoo distributed nicely in my hair and foamed up really well but the only downside was that my hair felt very tangled and kind of stuck together after using but this was resolved as soon as I applied the conditioner.
I also like the way it's a sqeezy tube and not a pump container.

Pantene Aqua Light - Lightweight Nourishing Conditioner
My hair feels so soft and silky after using this conditioner which is a very rare occurrence due to my hair normally having a consistency that can only be described as close to straw.
I really liked the smell of this conditioner and it even stayed in my hair afterwards while it was drying which normally isn't something I notice.
Overall I'm very happy with this conditioner and would definitely repurchase it again.
My hair definitely felt clean after washing with these products and I could even smell it when my hair was drying which normally doesn't happen. For some reason my hair never really seems to keep that shampoo smell that everyone else always seems to get.
The shampoo did leave my hair feeling a bit tangled after use but once I applied the conditioner and left it in for a couple of minutes my hair felt very silky while I was rinsing it out and stayed that way while it dried.
Overall I think this is a great product and I also think it's about time something decent has come out for us fine hair girls!

Has anyone else used this Shampoo & Conditioner yet? What were your thoughts?

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