Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nails of the Week - Wet 'n' Wild Nail Colour in 'Mystery Shade'

This week I've been wearing a polish from Wet 'n' Wild that I received in one of the monthly subsciption boxes a little while ago.

Unfortunately, there is no label on this polish anywhere that lets me know what shade it is. Talk about frustrating!!

This polish is what I call 'Extreme Glitter' as it's practically opaque in one coat and is so thickly packed that it is in no way a layering glitter. It's one that hogs the spotlight all on it's own.

It's a gorgeous shade that I love wearing but the first time I had it on a couple of weeks ago I realised just how nightmarise it is to actually remove. It takes sooooo many cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover to get it off, and you end up with glitter where no glitter should ever be, that now I've worn it twice I'm debating as to whether I'll ever actually attempt to wear it again.

It's one of those polishes that look great on but are just too much trouble in the end to really bother, which is a real shame.

Just to satisfy my curiousity, does anyone have the faintest idea what this shade is actually called?? I'd love to know!

Michelle xx


  1. I love glittery nail polishes - I saw this tip on glamour's website to remove it ....


    1. Wow, thanks for that. I'll have to give it a go next time. Maybe I'll test it out with this one being that it is the grandaddy of all glitter polishes!


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