Sunday, December 9, 2012

Review: 4Me Nail Polish Remover Pads

I received these in one of the last monthly subscription boxes and just had to try them straight away as I have actually never tried nail polish remover pads before.

There is 30 pads in this cute little container and they are alcohol and acetone free.

I think these are a great idea as they are a lot less risky to use than regular remover for a clumsy person like me who is very prone to spills, and I also like the fact that I feel a bit safer using them when my little man is around too.

They seem to remove most polishes pretty effectively and one pad can do anywhere from two to four nails depending on how many coats I have on or how dark the polish is. Considering there is 30 pads in the pack that's not too bad and means they will last for at least 15 uses.

I only have two issues with these pads that I have to mention. The first one is that they can feel a little greasy when used and leave quite a lot of residue behind. This is obviously to help condition the nails during polish removal but it's just a bit too much and doesn't really sink in or evaporate for a very long time. This is nothing that a wipe with a tissue, wet wipe or a quick run of your fingers under some cold water can't fix but I still thought it worth a mention.

The second issue is that they seem to dry out a bit between uses. I've made sure that I close the cap as tight as I can but the first pad on the top when it is opened next always seems to be a bit drier than the rest. I've found that if I press them all down firmly prior to use this kind of squeezes the solution back into the top pads so this also isn't really so bad.

Overall I think I'd definitely buy these again as they really are a good, mess free option that would also be great for travelling.

Has anyone else used these before?

Michelle xx


  1. Hi Michelle,

    I also got these remover pads and found them a bit greasy as well. I would probably repurchase them but I can't seem to find any place that sells them. Not even on the BellaBox website. Like reading your posts.

    Fleur @ Busy Girls Guide to Beauty

    1. Hi Fleur,
      Thank you very much. I have to say I haven't tried looking to buy them yet because I've had a heap of other polish remover to use up. I wonder if they have a list of stockists on their website?


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