Monday, December 24, 2012

Nails of the Week - Ulta3 Nail Colour in Enchanted

This is a very decieving polish. In the bottle it looks like a really pretty dark green with a holographic effect through it. Unfortunately this doesn't translate at all onto the nail and it ends up looking more like a gunmetal grey in most light than green which was a little disappointing.

I received this shade a little while ago in one of the monthly beauty sample boxes but have only just gotten around to trying it out over the last couple of weeks.

It's a very thick polish to apply and you need to wait a good amount of time between coats or it will bubble like crazy. It's definitely not a polish you would apply last minute for a special occassion. You really need to plan ahead to wear this one.

I really wish this polish looked the same on the nail as it does in the bottle. It would be a really lovely shade if it did.

The polish itself lasted only around three days before chipping too which was a shame.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas tomorrow and that you all get spoilt rotten :-)

Michelle xx


  1. I hate getting disapointed like that :/ but thank you for an honest review :D

    Have a great christmas

    1. Yeah, it amazes me how some polishes can look so different in the bottle to when they are applied to the nail.


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