Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review - One Skin System Daily Hydrate

I received some of this a while back in one of the monthly sample boxes I subscribe to and kind of forgot to post a review. This is mainly because I have been practically using it every day and I guess it just became like part of the furniture so I completely overlooked writing about it.

Anyway, now I have discovered the error of my ways I am finally telling you all about this amazing cream.

The One Skin System Daily Hydrate contains Desert Orchid and Wild Hibiscus and is a luxurious cream designed for daily use to retain moisture balance, enrich and protect.

I have been using this every morning now for a good couple of months and it's such a nice cream to apply and makes my skin feel soft and silky. It absorbs super fast and doesn't leave any greasy feeling behind. I seem to totally forget to use a primer before my makeup these days because this cream makes my skin feel like the perfect base for makeup already once it sinks in.

I've noticed that after I use this my fine lines seem to smooth out a little bit too which definitely makes me one happy little vegemite.

The One Skin System is a combination of 5 products that are supposed to work in synergy together. The Daily Hydrate is Step 3 in the system if you were to use all the products together.

I also have the Renewal Cleanse and the Active C scrub but have been a bit naughty and haven't been using them all together. In hindsight, this probably would have been a sensible thing to do.+

I also love the fact that this is an Australian made and owned brand who do not test on animals and they're even vegan friendly if you tend to swing that way.

You can find out more about this brand here.

Has anyone else used any of these products before?


  1. I agree, it's a fabulous moisturiser. It even works wonders for an oily skinned girl like me. My only gripe with it is how expensive it is. Seriously, $80 for 50ml of moisturiser? My favourite moisturiser (the balancing day creme from Mukti) is half the price, certified organic, and feels very similar so I stick to that. I think their packaging is a bit gimmicky too - I remember the sample tube was shaped like a syringe for some reason.

  2. Yes, it is quite expensive. It's something I'd only treat myself with on special occasions in the future if I repurchased.
    I've never tried anything from Mukti before. I'll have to keep that one in mind.

  3. I received an email today & the products are $30 :-)

  4. I received an email today, stating the products are on sale at $30 :-)

    1. Yes, I just checked and they are on sale for only $25. Such a bargain!!


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