Monday, March 19, 2012

Review - MeMeMe Cosmetics Seventh Heaven Facebase

I received a deluxe sample pot of the MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturising Facebase in a previous BellaBox and have grown to absolutely love it. I was always a bit lazy when it came to using a primer as it just meant another thing to make me take longer when getting ready in the morning but I actually look forward to using this one now.

A little info about this product:
"Rich yet lightweight, this Moisturising Facebase is enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene to rejuvenate, noruish and hydrate skin. Active nutrients and extracts work to brighten, smooth and even out skin tone to prime and create the perfect base for makeup application.
Lightly scented with a zest of lemon, orange, lime and mandarin -this is a little piece of heaven you will want to treat your face to every single day!
Apply daily prior to makeup application or wear alone for radiant heavenly skin."

I love using this product in the morning, mainly because of the citrus scent. It is just so uplifting and when I'm tired and really just not in the mood to face the day the scent of this Face Base seems to wake me up a little bit and make putting on my makeup a more enjoyable excercise.

It's a very lightweight cream that sinks in virtually straight away and makes my foundation apply a lot smoother and more even. I've noticed that my foundation seems to stay put for longer when I apply this first as well.

Also, a little seems to go a long way so you only need to use a small amount to cover the entire face nicely.

I am now contemplating ordering a full size pot of this and have been perusing the MeMeMe Cosmetics website for ideas on other products of theirs to try next as well. The Goddess Rocks bronzing rocks seem to keep drawing me in so I may just have to also make them mine.......

Has anyone else tried anything from MeMeMe Cosmetics lately that they like and recommend?

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