Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lancome Juicy Tubes - A Sweet Surprise

When I saw in the February Lust Have It box this little tube of goodness I was ridiculously excited. You see, when I was at Uni (many, many, moons ago!) a girl who used to always join my friend and I for the group assignments used to whip out one of these cute and delicious smelling tubes on a constant basis, so much so that I found myself lusting after one of these to the point where I was dreaming about them!

Anyway, for some reason I just never actually got around to buying one for myself and then miraculously got over my fascination and moved on to whatever was the next craze I had at the time.

I had completely forgotten these things even existed until seeing it sitting snugly in the box and of course it was the first thing I grabbed, opened and tested! It was like I was 8 years younger again.....

The flavour I received was Strawberry and surprisingly it really does taste like strawberries! Lancome describe these as an Ultra Shiny Hydrating Lip Gloss and I now know why these created such a stir when they first came out because it is such a nice gloss that stays on forever and manages to keep my lips feeling super moist (haha, love that word!) for hours.

The gloss has a slight tint to it as shown above and it also has very small shimmery particles as well which is almost impossible to notice unless in direct sunlight but overall gives a lovely shiny look to the lips.

As you can see, it barely imparts any colour onto the lips except a very slight hint of a tint and I almost managed to capture a bit of the shimmer. I've been keeping mine in my handbag to use for touch ups during the day when I don't feel like reapplying whatever lipstick I was wearing because the slight tint still makes me feel like I have some colour on my lips.

Overall I'm very impressed with the Juicy Tubes and am now keen to actually go and buy at least one more to try.

Does anyone have a favourite flavour of these that would be worth trying?

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