Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review - Dr LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex Corrective Line Filler

How much of a mouthful is the name of this product??

I was recently ridiculously excited to receive this cream to trial as part of being a member of BeautyHeaven as I've always heard such good things about Dr Lewinn's products and have never tried any myself due to them usually being quite expensive.

This is a lovely cream to apply and the tiny nozzle makes it easy to squeeze out just the right amount for spot coverage so that there is no waste (and for the price of this you don't want to waste it!)
It sinks into the skin straight away without leaving any greasy feel and I found that it made my foundation apply like a dream as it was almost like it primed my face.
I do notice a very small plumping effect a few minutes after use but haven't seen any long lasting effects of using this just yet. I've mainly been using it on the fine lines around my mouth, my smile lines, under the eyes and on the 'concentration' lines on my forehead. Around the mouth is where I notice the most difference after application as I've found that applying my lipstick is much easier these days because my lips seem a little fuller.
I'm hoping to see lasting results with a bit more use as it seems to wear off after a couple of hours and I don't really see the point in applying this cream several times a day just to keep my lines plumped out.

The scent is subtle but pleasant and a tube of this would last quite a long time with regular use (around twice a day). I think I've only gone through a third of the tube so far in the month we've had it for trial.

Also, an important factor for me is that this cream has not caused any irritation to my usually sensitive skin or caused me to have any additional breakouts. This is a definite bonus to me.
Overall, I'd like to see a more permanent reduction in my fine lines rather than just straight after use before I'd consider purchasing this product.

Has anyone tried any other Dr LeWinn's products that you recommend?

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