Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Bellabox - Pamper Yourself

I received the May Bellabox today and was very excited because for once I received mine before sneak peeking at any other blogs to see what the contents were. It was nice for it to be a surprise for once!

Anyhoo, behold the contents of the May Bellabox below:

1) Emergin C Hydra Repair Capsules (4 x capsules, RRP $139 for 40 capsules)

2) Avene Eau Thermale Ystheal Emulsion and Eluage Eye Contour Care (5ml & 2ml respectively, RRP $61.95 for 30ml and $63.95 for $15ml)

3) Bobbi Brown Mini Mascara (RRP $48 for full size)

4) Savior Faire Mini Lipstick - Unite (1.2gm sample size, RRP $48 for full size)
5) Sebastian Professional Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque (1 x 10ml sample of each, RRP $34+ for full size)

While I think it's awesome there were two makeup products this month, I just wish the lipstick was in a better shade. The shade I got was Unite which is a caramel/beige kind of shade which unfortunately is not something I will wear very often. I almost cried when I opened it as I absolutely LOVE the Savior Faire lipstick we got in the first ever Bellabox and wear it all the time. Oh well, hopefully others got a colour they can enjoy so they can really appreaciate how gorgeous these lipsticks really are.

I'm a bit surprised there weren't any full sized products at all this month but I guess we can't complain considering how good value these boxes are when you average them over the last few months with what we have received in them.

So, what did everyone else think of the May Bellabox?

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