Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review - Australis Bronzing Powder in Golden

I think I have achieved the impossible! I have finally found a bronzer that a whiter than white skinned girl can actually wear without looking ridiculous.

Everyone, meet Australis Bronzing Powder in the shade Golden:

What the product claims:
'Australis Bronzing Powder gives skin a sun-kissed glow in an instant with this ultra-fine tinted pressed powder. Light-reflecting minerals provide an instant airbrushed appearance and the compact includes a mirror and applicator sponge, ideal for creating a wash of colour on the face or d├ęcolletage. Australis Bronzing Powder is available in two shades: Sunkissed and Golden.'

I decided to be brave and pick this up a while ago when I was browsing in Priceline because when I had a bit of a swatch fest this one seemed to be the best one I could see for someone as white as me. I've always been absolutely terrified of bronzers due to the fact that when other pale gals I have known have used it they have looked awful. There really is no other nice way to say it. There's nothing pretty about having two orange racing stripes heading up the side of your face when you use a bronzer that doesn't suit your skin tone.

Up until I purchased this little beauty I had been using a pale golden/brown eyeshadow I had as a bronzer as it seemed to work perfectly for me. Ever since I have pretty much used product on a daily basis.

(Left: Blended out, Right: Swatched)

As you can see from the above photos, this is a light golden bronzer that is very fine without having a heap of shimmer. It is extremely easy to blend out and buildable so it is impossible to put too much of this on your face at once. I usually find I have to do at least two or three applications of this bronzer before I really notice it on my face which shows you how fine a powder this is.

I'd love to know of any other bronzers out there that someone with ivory skin and freckles like me can get away with using without looking like a tiger. Any suggestions?

Michelle xx


  1. Ooh this fellow pale-face needs to try this one! I've been using a YSL bronzer with a very light touch, but it's still not quite right.

    1. Definitely give this one a go. If I can get away with it you should hopefully be safe too. And for the price, it's no biggie if it doesn't work out!

  2. Even thought you probably have already found the best bronzers for your face, I'll like to suggest 'Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow'. The best way I found to apply the bronzer is by using a very sparse brush and dabbing the product on to the hand first and then gently applying the product on until you have it the way that you like. =)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't tried that one from Rimmel yet. I'll keep it in mind as I'm always after something new to try :-)


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