Monday, May 14, 2012

Review - Press and Go Press-On Nail Covers

I recently received these in a goodie bag from Priceline and as we had an engagement party to go to last weekend I just couldn't resist seeing how they worked.

First up, I love the pattern of these. Anything animal print is an instant hit with me so I was extremely happy to receive this pattern rather than any other.

These nail covers are so simple to use. You just peel off the backing strip, align the cuticle end with your nail and press them on. I held them in place for probably around 20 seconds each and once they stick they DO NOT budge.

It states on the pack that these are supposed to last up to one week. I have had mine on for three days now and they still seem to be sticking really well so it will be interesting to see how long they do actually last.

Here is the finished product:

I am totally in love with these and wish that they were my real nails!!

I did find that finding the correct size covers for my nails was a bit tricky because my natural nails are quite small so most of the covers were just a tad too big for me but you can't really tell unless you look really close.

You get 24 nail covers in one pack so you could possibly get two uses out of these if you weren't too fussy with having the exact size of your real nail and weren't doing something where anyone would be scrutinizing your nails under a microscope. Otherwise, I'm probably going to use the rest as accent nails as part of my normal manicures from now on just to add some interest.

What do you think? Would you wear these nail covers?

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