Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lipstick Love - Models Prefer Lipstick in After Party

I have to admit that I have had a bit of an obsession with this lipstick ever since I purchased it. I just can't get enough of the gorgeous bright colour which has the tendency to make me happy no matter how I'm feeling or what the occasion.

This is the Models Prefer lipstick in After Party. After being so impressed with some of the other Models Prefer products I've tried out lately I decided to give one of their lipsticks a go and I have not been disappointed.

After Party is a gorgeous bright coral shade that can be worn sheer if you only want a hint of colour or built upon to get a nice opaque coverage. This is a colour that I normally would have run screaming from but I've been trying to make an effort to move out of my comfort zone with makeup colours lately and decided to bite the bullet and try this shade. They didn't even have a tester in store so I was flying completely (and nervously!) blind when I plucked this shade off the shelf and walked to the register to pay.

When I came home was the fun part. It was like opening a lucky dip when I got to swatch it for the first time and then proudly pranced around the house with my new lip hue (while hubby watched on like I was the silliest thing he'd ever laid eyes on, but who cares what he thinks!)

Anyhoo, bright, prettiness aside, this is actually a really lovely lipstick to wear as well which is a nice bonus. It goes on super creamy and seems to have a wear time of at least 3 hours or so (a little less with food in between) and fades away to leave a nice hint of colour on the lips. It does have an odd taste though which I wouldn't say is unpleasant, but it definitely borders on the strong side and can hang around a bit after application.

I'm so super happy with this new lippy that I have been wearing it almost everywhere as it's surprisingly a very versatile colour. I'm definitely going to check out some more of these next time I come across them in store. For around $10 who can resist?

Has anyone tried any other shades of these lipsticks that you would recommend?

Michelle xx 

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