Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review - Lash Republic False Lashes - I am a false lash virgin no longer

So, the other day I was a bit bored (bub was asleep for once and I had some time to kill, it doesn't happen often!)

Anyway, I decided to have a go at applying some false eyelashes because it is something that I have never done before and I've been intrigued a lot lately as to how easy or hard it is to do and what I would actually look like with some on.

The lashes I decided to try were my Lash Republic lashes in Baby Doll. I received these in a monthly sample box a few months ago and they have been sitting at the bottom of my eye makeup box ever since.

Well, I soon found out that trying to get these babies on is HARD! I had many unsuccessful attempts at getting these on at first, mainly because the glue that came in the packet was absolutely awful and wouldn't seem to stick at all. After tracking down another box of lashes I received from another beauty sample box (some Eylure ones) and stealing the glue from them, I finally got them to stick.

(Here's what the lashes looked like once on. I have a coat of mascara on my normal lashes to build them up a bit)

(The above picture shows a comparison between my eyes with the lashes on my left eye and my natural lashes on my right. No mascara was applied here on my normal lashes)

What do you guys think? I'm personally not really a fan unfortunately. I just found them too much trouble and time consuming and time is something that is sacred to me these days. I also felt absolutely ridiculous with them on. I felt like my eyelashes were going to take off and I could feel them constantly every time I blinked as they moved with my eyelid.

I don't know about anyone else, but I had so much trouble getting them close to the base of my normal lashes and kept ending up with a gap of skin that looked terrible close up. I guess it just takes a lot of practice to get these right and unfortunately I'm not really the most patient being on earth either.

Maybe I'd consider having a go with these again for a fancy dress party but I don't think I'd bother for anything else. I guess I'm lucky that my own lashes are quite curved and long anyway so when I apply the right mascara they have enough impact on their own.

I've seen you can get individual lashes instead of these strips so that could maybe be a possibility for me to try instead one day. But, for now I think I'll just leave these in the 'tried but didn't really like' basket.

Michelle xx


  1. Cutting them in half and just using them on the outside corner can sometimes work good too!

    Great blog, now following :)

    1. Oooh, that sounds like a great idea. I might have to give that a go next time, Thanks!


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