Friday, February 17, 2012

Uh oh! I Went Shopping... And I'm Now A Priceline Sister!

I made the mistake of deciding to get out of the house today. This is mainly because bub is in a bit of a clingy stage at the moment and as nice as that may sound, it can get a bit much when you have someone constantly wanting to be on top of you and not wanting to let you out of their sight (and screaming blue murder if you do manage to slip away for a moment) for as long as they are awake. Due to this, I decided to take us out for a little bit of a walk around our local Westfield where we had some coffee and cake (well, I had the coffee and bub shared some of my cake), then I bought myself the second last instalment in the Sookie Stackhouse series I have been reading (I'm obsessed with the True Blood TV series based on these books too!) and then I made the ultimate mistake of dropping into Priceline (it was only supposed to be for a little look, I promise!).

Anyway, here is whay I managed to finally escape out of there with:

(Sorry about the crap photo quality, I can't find the charger for our good camera since we've been back from holidays and it's completely flat so had to take this with my phone camera instead)

1) Savvy by DB Automatic Eyeliners in Jade (a nice forest green) and Gold - These were on a clearance shelf for $2.99 each. Talk about a bargain and a half!

2) Models Prefer Ultra Lipgloss Pencil in Kiss and Make Up - I've been eyeing these off for a while so finally decided to give one a go.

3) Face of Australia Lip Quench in Pink Champagne - This was a total lemming purchase as I've been reading soooooo many blogs about these lipsticks and felt compelled to try one for myself. I know everyone is obsessed with the Lychee Crush shade but I already had similar shades to that at home so thought I'd try this pretty light pink shade instead.

4) Almay Intense I-Colour Trio for Green Eyes - I don't really have green eyes (they are a cross between blue and hazel) but I just loved the colours in this palette and it was reduced to $5.00 due to them now having different packaging. They are normally $25 so I literally wanted to buy every shade available but limited myself to one like a good girl.

5) Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner - I have never tried a gel liner before as I tend to struggle enough with a pencil liner, but the whole range of Physicians Formula was 50% off so I couldn't resist trying these as a bit of an experiment. There are three shades in the pack, Espresso (a natural brown), Purple and Black. I just can't wait to start having a play with these.

6)  Olay Touch of Sun Body Moisturiser with a touch of Sunless Tanner in Light Sun-Kissed Glow - These were also greatly reduced and are a brand of gradual tanner that I haven't yet tried so thought I may as well give it a go.

Then, I did what I initially intended to do when I first walked in there, and that was to join the new Priceline Sister Club. For $25 you get some new perks on top of just earning the clubcard points such as VIP invitations to certain events, free samples of new beauty releases and access to their new virtual beauty lounge on the Priceline website.

You also got a goodie bag for paying the joining fee which included the following:

Included was a very large black Models Prefer tote bag, a small black Models Prefer cosmetic purse, a cute compact mirror with two mirrors (one normal and one magnified), a Models Prefer Kohl Pencil in Matte Black and, wouldn't you know it, a Models Prefer Lipgloss Pencil in Kiss and Make Up. I couldn't believe when I got home that I now had two of these lip gloss pencils, and in the same damn colour! I certainly didn't plan that very well. I guess tomorrow a return trip is in order to see if I can exchange the pencil I bought with another shade in the range instead. Luckily I haven't opened it yet.

So, there you have it. My little splurge for the month. I can't believe how many bargains I got today and am very interested in seeing what perks I get by being in the Priceline Sister Club now.

Has anyone else joined the Priceline Sister Club yet?


  1. Nice purchases! I raced into Priceline to join the beauty club today too, I didn't buy anything exciting though. I'll be interested to see how the beauty club is different to the sisterhood club.

  2. Yeah, I'm interested to see what extras our $25 joining fee gets. I'm hoping it ends up being worth it as at the moment I'm lucky if I get about $10 a year back from my clubcard points (although I have increased my spending there a bit more lately so this year may be a bit different!)


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