Monday, February 6, 2012

Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth in Plush Pink

My favourite pink lipcolour at the moment has to be my Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth lipcolour in Plush Pink.

When I first purchased this lipcolour I was a bit sceptical as I've tried other items in the ColorStay range and have found them to be quite drying. The Soft & Smooth range is supposed to contain an exclusive SoftFlex Comfort Technology which is meant to provide hours of luscious colour and comfortable wear and to stay creamy rather than drying out.

I have to say it has surprised me by being a really comfortable long lasting lipcolour. It's really nice and creamy to apply and covers the lips nice and evenly without any streaking. I tend to get about 6 hours of wear after first applying it and this is normally after having morning tea and lunch as well. I've found that when it does start to fade it does so nice and evenly without leaving awful dry or clumpy patches on the lips as some other long wearing lipcolours can do. It also leaves a slight stain on the lips as it fades that I tend to just enhance by adding some gloss over the top if I don't feel like applying full lipcolour again.

I must admit that I'm a lip smacker from hell (a bad habit that I just can't seem to stop constantly doing, especially when I'm in deep thought) and constantly rub my lips together during the day and even though this lipcolour does kind of 'set' on the lips it's still comfortable enough to keep rubbing my lips together and not feel like I'm wearing sandpaper on them.

Here is a swatch to attempt to show you how pretty the shade Plush Pink is:

I wasn't game enough to show photos of it on my lips today as my skin is having a moment and I just wasn't up for having it posted on the internet in the condition it is in.

You'll just have to believe me that this is a lovely soft pink with a small hint of shimmer without making your lips blind anyone. This colour pretty much goes with anything.

What do you guys think? Has anyone used any other shade in this range that they liked?

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