Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nails of The Week - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Petal Pusher

I received this polish in the January Glossybox last week and decided to try it straight away due to my nails being quite short at the moment and not really that attention worthy.

This polish claims to dry virtually instantly, which after one coat is definitely true, but once you start applying additional coats it still becomes touch dry pretty quickly but seems to be very soft and easy to mark if you're not careful.

The colour Petal Pusher is a very pale pink which is similar to that used in French manicures. Unfortunately, I really am not a fan of a colour that is this pale and I don't like polishes that are so see-through with just one coat. The problem I found with this polish is that once you start applying a second coat it tends to streak very badly and if you're not careful you can pull at the first coat and cause bare patches to appear. Due to this formula being so quick-dry you need to work fast when applying too because if you take too long on one nail it starts to get too thick to move around and I found it bubbles quite badly too.

Here is my second try at using this polish (the first attempt was just plain awful). I have applied two coats of this polish and it is still quite see-through:

(If you look close you can see the bubbling) 

(Oh so streaky!)

This is not a polish that I would use again. To me it is just way too much effort for very little gain. Other colours in this range might be alright but I don't rate this colour or consistency at all.

Has anyone else used this polish unsuccessfully? Are the other colours in the range any better than this one?

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