Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Non-Valentines Day Romantic Dinner

I just had to share a little about the beautiful and romantic dinner my husband prepared for me last night.

I must say one thing about my husband, when he's in the wrong he'll certainly do his best to make up for it and last night is proof of this.

And the reason I got so spoilt? Well it was all because he felt guilty about completely forgetting about Valentine's Day and not even giving me so much as a card or a 'Happy Valentine's Day honey' on the day. This is because he's been so caught up in a project he's doing for work and working ridiculous hours because of it and therefore just plain forgot about the day.

Now, I'm not someone who needs a ridiculous amount of money spent on me for dinner or with flowers, etc, but I do like a little something done that just shows a bit of effort and though and that you are still special to the one you love. My present to him on Valentine's day was a 'Love' book which I filled out with our whole history of memorable times together plus a heap of fun and silly quotes/sayings and tid bits of our life together so far. This took me ages to do so I will admit I was a tad miffed when Valentine's Day came and went and it didn't even get the slightest acknowledgement from hubby.

But, he certainly made up for it last night. Firstly, he organised his parents to take bub for the night and after I'd dropped him off there (while hubby was at home apparently busy making dessert) I came home to this taped on our front door:

Then, when I walked inside the dining table was cleared and set with candles, wine and a menu of what we were having for dinner:

Also, he'd run a bath for me while I was gone and lit candles in the bathroom as well and timed the entree so I had a good half an hour in the bath first before dinner began.

So, the dinner was absolutely delicious. I forgot to take photos of the actual meals but he even went to extreme effort in presenting everything on the plate like a fancy restaurant would.

After dinner, there were even cocktails prepared and they were my favourite Margaritas!!

I did manage to take a photo of the table after dinner, so this is why there are no table settings left, but it shows the candles he had going and the printed menus (yes, he chose the ugliest tablecloth I think we own):

Don't I just have the sweetest husband ever? I can't believe the trouble he went to to prepare all this and he even did three loads of dishes in between cooking to keep the kitchen tidy!! He based the dinner around the show 'My Kitchen Rules' where you create an instant restaurant at home. So cute!

So, do you guys think he made up for forgetting all about Valentine's Day? I certainly do :-)

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