Saturday, February 18, 2012

February BellaBox -

I received my February BellaBox a couple of days ago and must say that I am very happy with its contents yet again.

The contents in the February box were as follows:

1) Sasy n Savy Hand Cream in Rose Lavender (5ml sample, RRP $15.00 for 50mls) - This is the second sample of this I have now received which I guess is a good thing as it means I can get a better feel for how it works as they are very small tubes which I think will only give two or three uses. One thing I have to mention is the spelling of this brand, does the awful spelling annoy anyone else or just me??

2) B by Bloom Collecta Eyeshadow in Sahara Desert (RRP $9.95) - I am a little confused as it says this is supposed to be an eyeshadow duo on my card but it's only a single shade which is a really shimmery bronze colour. Maybe they run out of the duos?

3) Mememe Seventh Heaven Face Base (10ml, RRP $34.95 for 30mls) - I am really excited to try this as it feels so nice on the skin from the tiny bit I have tried so far and it has a gorgeous citrus scent.

4) Sparoma Body Shimmer with Jasmine (10mls, RRP $44.95 for 150mls) - This is a pretty shimmer cream which isn't too overboard on the sparkle. It's extremely strong smelling though which means it may be used on my legs rather than my upper body as I don't know if I could live with such a strong scent so close to my nose all day.

5) Star and Rose Confetti Soap Roses (RRP $25.95 for a box of 12) - This is so cute and I really don't want to ruin it by using it. I'm guessing you just pull off a petal of soap to use as you wish.

6) Two chocolate hearts from The Chocolate Box - who can resist chocolate, right?

All in all I'm again very happy with the contents of the BellaBox and am glad that there is a good range of products this month. I will definitely get good use out of all of these items.

Was everyone else happy with their BellaBox this month?

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