Sunday, February 26, 2012

Face of Australia Lip Quench - Pink Champagne

Ok, ok, it may have taken me a little longer than others to get on the Lip Quench bandwagon but when i finally did I have seen what all the fuss is about.

Recently I purchased the Face of Australia Lip Quench in Pink Champagne. I felt like I was going against nature by not picking up the Lychee Crush shade that everyone has raved about but I already have a similar colour at home and wanted to try something a little out of my comfort zone for a change. Therefore I chose Pink Champagne as it's a pale, but still fairly bright, pink that normally isn't a colour I would wear as I tend to steer towards darker, less intense pinks.

Pink Champagne reminds me of fairy floss in it's oh so super sweet pinkyness and I've come to adore the colour and may start to turn towards more shades like this. It's great if I don't feel like wearing much other makeup as it looks good on it's own and it's also the perfect colour if I go for a darker or smokey eye look.

One thing that really steered me towards trying this lipstick as well is that Face of Australia are of course an Australian brand who are against animal testing. I'm really trying to start to be more aware of products that are cruelty free where practical as I don't see why poor little animals need to suffer just for us to be vain and walk around looking good. I also own a beagle and seeing so many recent images and reading so many stories about beagles being the preferred testing animal due to their 'want to please you' nature has just made me feel sick.

Anyway, enough of the preaching. I'll step down off my podium now to say that this lipstick seriously applies like butter to the lips. It is so soft that I actually have a bit of a fear of it snapping off if I press too hard when I put it on. This is mainly because it's a very moisturising lipstick with shea butter and jojoba oil built in. It's also got an SPF30+ factor which means it's also great to wear if you are going somewhere outdoors for the day as you don't need to apply a lip balm with SPF underneath it (which is what I do with most of my other lipsticks/glosses).

Another thing I like is the packaging, it's got a little peep hole in the top of the case so you can see the colour of the lipstick tube at a glance. This would be great for those who like to store their lipsticks standing up.

I've found that it lasts around 3 hours on my lips before needing to be reapplied. It can last a little less if you eat and/or drink a bit while wearing it.

Here are some more pictures:

Is there anyone out there who hasn't tried these lipsticks yet???


  1. I like the finish of these lipsticks and that colour is just lovely.

    1. Yeah, I am very impressed with these lipsticks, especially for the price! I may have to stock up on some more I think......


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