Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Current Perfume Favourites

Current Perfume Favourites

Here are some of the perfumes that have been on constant rotation for me lately:

MARC JACOBS 'Oh, Lola!' Eau de Parfum No Color 1.7 oz
$88 - nordstrom.com - I love wearing this scent during the day for work or even when I'm just going to be around the house and still wish to smell nice but not too overpowering.

Kenzo Flower By Kenzo Eau De Parfum 1.7 oz.
$76 - bloomingdales.com - This has to be one of my favourite all time perfumes. I could almost say this is my signature scent because I will reach for this one whenever I'm in an indecisive mood and cannot pick another. To me it goes with any occasion.

Vera Wang Princess - 3.4 Oz. Eau De Toilette Spray
$75 - lordandtaylor.com - I begged my husband to get me this as a present one year, mainly because I just loved the bottle so much. It's a really pretty scent that I think is good for the day time.

٭ CK One Shock For Her FOR WOMEN by Calvin Klein - 3.4 oz EDT Spray
$42 - amazon.com - Another one I use for work or just going shopping/hanging around.

Versace - Crystal Noir - w Douglas.pl
douglas.pl - I love wearing this scent when I go out at night as it's a bit heavier than the others. It's a real sexy scent to me and evokes memories of hot summer nights.

Ralph Lauren - Hot - I'm not sure why this one didn't link. I'm still getting used to playing around with Polyvore :-) Anyway, this is another one that I like to wear at night because it can be a bit too heavy for the day time. This was my most reached for perfume before Kenzo Flower entered my world.

So, does anyone else have any favourite perfumes at the moment? If so, I'd love to know what ones you reach for often.


  1. I really like the smell of Oh Lola! but as for my favourite (I need to hide in the shame closet) is Mariah Carey Luscious Pink. It's so light that I have been able to wear it at work even while I've been unwell.

    My all time favourite is Aqua di Gioia though.

    1. Haha, that's nothing to be ashamed about. I once bought the Paris Hilton perfume (now who's to hide in the same closet? LOL)


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