Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - Hard as Wraps

On one on my latest Priceline trips I picked up some Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - Hard as Wraps in an attempt to give my fragile nails a bit of help.

What the packaging claimed:

'Powerful acrylic protection instantly seals and hardens nails in 1 EASY STEP! Patented breakthrough formula provides an instant, long-lasting, wrap-like surface for fragile, soft, torn, chipped or cracked nails.'

Sounds pretty impressive right? Well, I tend to think that statement needs one extra addition in there, and that's the fact that it will only last on your nail without peeling off for about 24 hours. Yep, that's as long as I can get this stuff to stay on my nails after normal daily activities.

This of course was quite disappointing as it was very frustrating going to the trouble of applying it and then not even getting more than a day out of it.

I even attempted to try it as a base cost for my regular nail polish which did last an extra day or so but still not as long as what the polish would have lasted if I had just applied it on its own.

In the time that it does stay on my nails, I don't really feel that it makes them any stronger or less prone to chipping either. Also, the smell almost knocks you out of the room while you try to apply it. I've never smelt anything so strong and chemical like other than in an actual nail salon. My husband always has to leave the room when I'm putting this on so if you want something that will guarantee to give you some alone time, this is the product for you!

Has anyone else had any issues when using this product? Are there any other nails strengtheners that anyone has tried and tested and can recommend?


  1. Oh boo, I was hoping you'd found a good product for my peeling nails! I spray Fracas when I want to clear my boyfriend out of the room :) he HATES big white florals but I love them.

  2. Haha! Sorry, you'll have to keep searching the same as me.
    My husband also leaves the room whenever I bring out the nail polish remover. He's a sensitive little petal :-)


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