Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Lust Have It Box

I received my December Lust Have It box the other day and the first thing I have to say about it is that it had the most gorgeous smell coming from it!

All the items were also contained in a layer of tinsel which was a nice little festive touch and of course who could fail to mention the little candy cane in there too.

The items in this month's box were as follows:

1) Glasshouse Fragrances - Marseille Gardenia Fragrant Body Bar (125gm, RRP $12.95 for 250gm) - This was of course the reason for the yummy smell resonating from the box and I just can't wait to use this. I love the smell of Gardenia as it's such a fresh, clean scent and I have a huge Gardenia plant in my front garden that just wafts it's smell into our house whenever it's in bloom.

2) Evo - The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask (50ml, RRP $29.95 for 150ml) - This is an intense hydrating treatment to moisturise and smooth colour damaged, dry, coarse, frizzy hair.

3) LimeLily Cosmetics - Waterproof Eye Pencil in Jet (Full size, RRP $18.00) - I am becoming quite a fan of LimeLily Cosmetics after receiving one of their cream blushes in a previous Lust Have It box that I just can't get enough of using. This pencil is a very smooth black liner that goes on so soft. Also, I can definitely say that the waterproof claim is pretty on the mark as I swatched some of this originally on my wrist and then proceeded to give bub his daily bath and then washed the dishes and it was still there!

4) Kosmea - Purifying Cream Cleanser (20ml, RRP $34.95 for 150ml) - I was happy this was included in the box this month as we got the Kosmea Face Mist in the December Bella Box and it will be good to use two products from the same range together and get a good opinion on them overall. This is a gentle, skin-nourishing cream cleanser, developed to replace skin with the oils that it also takes away. This cleanser removes make-up and daily grime as it nourishes the skin with oils of sesame, avocado and certified organic rosehip oil. The natural astringent, witch hazel extract, purifies and tones the skin helping to rebalance moisture.

5) Lash Republic - Lash Set and Glue in Baby Doll (One set, RRP $25.00 per set) - The Baby Doll ones that I received are supposedly the natural day lash. These lashes consist of 100% human hair (not too sure how I feel about that just yet!). Considering I am a false lashes virgin who now has two sets (I got one from Bella Box this month as well) I'm now even more intrigued as to how these puppies work and will be playing with them later in an effort to see if I can apply them without looking like a drag queen.

6) Moxie - Regular Tampons (8 pack, RRP $4.39 for 16 pack) - This product is obviously not something that I'm very excited about. I mean c'mon, Tampons in a beauty box? These are something that I unwillingly purchase for myself every month out of necessity. It's not something that I really want to receive in a box like this. Oh well, at least they're useful I guess.

Anyway, there you have it. This box was certainly value for money again and there isn't anything in there that I won't use which is also a big plus again.

Apparently there is another one of these monthly sample box companies starting soon which will make about 5 I think. Does anyone else think this is a bit too many to be running at once? Seriously, how can they all make enough money to survive?

Also, I've noticed that a couple of the companies, namely BellaBox and GlossyBox have released 'Men' sample boxes. Being the sucker that I am I just had to subscribe to the one from BellaBox to see what goodies my husband can start to get. He's absolutely hopeless as far as caring about using any male products and is pretty much just your basic soap and water kind of guy. I'm hoping that receiving this box may inspire him to branch out a little and start to appreciate using other personal care products in his daily routine. One can only hope......

What did you guys think of this month's box?

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