Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December BellaBox - I'm a Bit Excited!

Well I got a lovely surprise when I got home from the longest working day ever last night when I found my December BellaBox waiting on the dining table where hubby had left it for me just screaming 'Open Me!'

Here were the contents of this month's box:

I must truthfully admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the contents of this month's box and am happy that BellaBox have definitely redeemed themselves after the disappointment I felt with the one from last month. Every one of these products I will use with no hesitation.

1) Eylure Naturalites Intense false lashes (RRP $11.95 per set) - I will admit that I have never dabbled in the false lash world yet and am actually very excited to try these and see what all the hype is about. Now all I need to do is either find a good blog tutorial on how the hell these things are applied or a good Youtube video as I am scared to even pick them up! I'm a bit worried that these may be a little too extreme for my face though as I am quite fair and having huge black lashes flapping on my face may look a little odd, but we'll have to see what happens.

2) Savoir Faire Concealer Pack (Full size, RRP $35.00) - I am in love with this brand and think all their products just look so luxe. This is something that I actually really needed as my old concealer is almost on the way out so I was super duper excited to see this. It's a cute little compact with two concealer shades on the top and a finishing powder that twists off the bottom. What would only make this product better would be if it came with it's own sponge or small brush somehow.

3) Ozotic Elytra #530 (Full size, RRP $14.95) - This is a gorgeous polish that has glitter which changes from orange to pink to green depending on the lighting. It's suggested that it's best worn over a black base coat.

4) Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask (3ml single use sample, RRP $117 for 50mls) - This is an anti-ageing mask that apparently works to instantly uplift the skin. I will be extremely happy to try this sample but don't think I could ever justify purchasing a full size amount of this. It's just a little out of my price range :-)

5) Kosmea Hydrating Rose Water Mist (50ml, RRP $11.95) - This is a gentle, soothing, cooling and hydrating facial mist for tired and weary skin. I absolutely love the smell of this and if will be carrying it around in my bag now in the hope that if we ever start to get some summer weather I can try out it's cooling effects.

So there you have it. Overall it's obvious that this month's box was extremely good value for money with almost every product a full size item and for once every product is something that I can get full use out of.

On a more personal note, I just have to brag about the fact that I finally got my CPA exam results the other day and found out that I passed both subjects, Yay Me!! If I manage to do well in the last two subjects I have left I'll be all done and dusted this time next year. Can't wait!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. I'd love to know your thoughts on this month's BellaBox contents.

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