Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Chunkster Challenge

As you can all probably tell I have a bit of a love for reading as well as my one for beauty products. I guess being an only child I used books as an escape because if I didn't have friends over it was kind of lonely being at home so I turned to reading to pass the time. I was actually thinking the other day I should have named this blog a little more appropriately something like Beauty and the Books or something similar :-)
Anyway, I have recently decided to sign up for the annual Chunkster Reading Challenge which has its own blog here.
Definition of a chunkster:

A chunkster is 450 pages or more of ADULT literature, whether non-fiction or fiction. A chunkster should be a challenge.

If you read books in large print, your books will need to be 525 pages or more. The average large type book is 10-15% larger or more so it’s a fair estimate.

The rules:

  • No audio books. (There are exceptions to this rule.)
  • No e-books allowed. This was discussed in much detail in the 2011 challenge. The short version: a chunkster isn’t a challenge if you’re reading it on an e-reader. (There are exceptions to this rule.)
  • This year for the first time, essay, poetry, and short story collections will be allowed. Collections have to be read in their entirety to count. If you’ve needed a reason to finally pick up your copy of The Collected Works Of ____ now is the time.
  • Books may crossover with other challenges.
  • Anyone may join. (If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment on this post with your challenge level and your progress throughout the challenge.)
  • You don’t need to list your books ahead of time.
  • Once you’ve picked a level, that’s it. You’re committed to it!

You must pick a level of participation:

  1. The Chubby Chunkster – this option is for the readers who want to dabble in large tomes, but really doesn't want to commit to much more than that. FOUR Chunksters is all you need to finish this challenge.
  2. The Plump Primer - this option is for the slightly heavier reader who wants to commit to SIX Chunksters over the next twelve months.
  3. Do These Books Make my Butt Look Big? - this option is for the reader who can't resist bigger and bigger books and wants to commit to SIX Chunksters from the following categories: 2 books which are between 450 - 550 pages in length; 2 books which are 551 - 750 pages in length; 2 books which are GREATER than 750 pages in length (for ideas, please refer to the book suggestions page for some books which fit into these categories).
  4. Mor-book-ly Obese - This is for the truly out of control chunkster. For this level of challenge you must commit to EIGHT or more Chunksters of which three tomes MUST be 750 pages or more. You know you want to.....go on and give in to your cravings.

I'm going to go for level 2 The Plump Primer as I think 6 sounds like a reasonable number to commit myself to over an entire year. Most of the books I read are over 450 pages anyway so we'll see how I go at achieving this goal.

I'm currently also participating in the Summer Reading Challenge through Goodreads but have not been doing so well on this. I'm only up to my second book so far and have another 8 to get through before the end of March. Ha! Don't think it's going to happen but I'll keep trying anyway.

Has anyone else set themselves reading challenges for this year?

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  1. Even though I swore that I wouldn't join any reading challenges this year, I signed up for a ton! Challenges are so addicting. :-) I'm glad you signed up for the Chunkster Challenge.

    Beauty and the Books sounds like a great name. Happy New Year!


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