Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nails of the Week - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed

I thought I would do something a little different today and do my nails of the week using my toes instead of fingers.

This is one of two Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear colours I own and I think they are just the best polish as far as the wear you get out of them. Here is the link to my review on the gorgeous granny smith apple green colour 'Green With Envy' is anyone is interested.

I am totally obsessed with this colour which is called 'Sun Kissed'. It is a super bright orange that is just such a fun shade to wear. I haven't gotten up the courage to put this on my fingernails as yet but am absolutely loving it on my toes. It's a real summer kind of colour.

(With flash)

(Without flash - please excuse the faint leftover fake tan tinge on the tops of my toes, I really need to exfoliate that off!)

I have now had this polish on my toes since Christmas Eve and it has not had the slightest chip or wear yet, and it's still so shiny. They aren't kidding when they call it 'Xtreme Wear'!

The only downside with these polishes are that they stay quite tacky for a while when applied so you really need to just have some time to sit back and relax for at least a good half an hour or so to let it fully dry. I usually apply my polish at night after showering anyway so this doesn't worry me as I just read a book or watch some tele while it dries.

It also gives me a good excuse to make husband attend to bub if he wants some attention or needs anything after I've applied this polish. I love flapping my hands or feet about and saying "Sorry babe, I can't get him because my nail polish isn't dry yet", Hehehe!

What do you think of this colour?

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