Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nails of the Week - BYS Cracked in Purple - Epic Fail!

Last night I decided to try a BYS Cracked Polish that I had in the colour Purple. What a huge disappointment!

I've used BYS polishes before and they have been great but there was either something wrong with this Cracked one's formula or it's just not a good polish in general.

These pictures were taken this morning and as you can see this polish has already started to chip and flake off, that's even with a top coat applied. I applied it over the top of a pale pink polish I had and really don't like it at all. Even without the chips the cracked finish just doesn't seem to work very well.

All I have done since applying it before bed last night was go to sleep (I'm not that rough in my sleep!), have some breakfast this morning, get dressed and do some grocery shopping. These things are not what I would generally find overexcessive activites to sustain this much chipping in such a short space of time!

Does anyone know a trick to making these last longer than 12 hours on the nails? Is there something you're supposed to do with them that I'm not aware of??


  1. Unfortunately that's the BYS crackle polishes for you. Every review that i've read on them has talked about how awful they are, every colour in the crackle finish is just as bad. There's no trick to it, they're just crap. Maybe try and take it back for a refund or email BYS and complain.

    1. Yeah, I've since done a bit of research and have discovered the same thing. They are obviously just a terrible formula that didn't work. I had to remove mine this morning as it was virtually all chipped off and looked terrible. I think this one will be going to nail polish heaven :-)


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