Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am now my own boss......

Well it's official, I issued my first ever invoice under my new little business name yesterday and it felt so weird! I was extremely nervous filling it out and printing it off and handing it over. I was just waiting for the person I billed to look at it and laugh or criticise or something even though we'd already agreed on my fee beforehand!
I still have my normal job as an employee in an accounting firm two days a week and if this new business takes off I'll most likely let that go and just concentrate on working for myself and building up my little venture. I can't wait for all my hard work and effort to go to purely benefitting me instead of a rich boss. It's going to be so satisfying (as well as a little scary too!)
By the way, my new business for anyone interested is Beagle Bookkeeping Services and, as the name suggests, I'll be doing accounting and bookkeeping work, mainly on a pick-up and drop-off basis so I can do the work from home and not worry about child care for my little bub. It's going to be very weird being out of the pressure filled environment of professional accounting and auditing which is what I've done for the past 13 years but I think this little business will be a good venture to balance my work life with my new little family without the stress I get from my other job.
Who knows, once I finally manage to finish my CPA qualification I may decide to become a tax agent too which will mean a whole knew range of services I could offer. Baby steps though....... for now I am just getting enough satisfaction from looking at my first ever invoice and I can't wait to do some more!

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