Sunday, October 9, 2011

A.S.A.P. Daily Facial Cleanser Review

I have been using this A.S.A.P. Daily Facial Cleanser for a little while now and I have found it a great product so far.

Here's what the product claims:

A rich, non-greasy formulation, gently and deeply cleanses the skin of makeup and grime without drying or irritating. Contains 12% Glycolic Complex buffered to pH5.5 to loosen and invisibly remove dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling refreshingly clean and smooth.

In a way this cleanser is kind of fun to use because it is super duper slippery to apply (I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but it kind of has the consistency of KY Jelly) and you really only need a very small amount because it seems to spread a very looooong way. I usually use an amount equivalent to 2 or 3 grains of rice (seriously!) and that is enough to cleanse my entire face and neck.

It foams really nice and rinses off without any yucky residue left on your skin which is something I love as I suffer from oily skin. My face always feels nice and clean after cleansing with this product rather than with some others that make me feel as if I need to clean my face again.

It's also non-drying which is great as I hate it when you cleanse your face and then feel like it's a race against time to get your moisturiser on before your skin cracks open which some other cleansers I've tried have felt like.

Overall it's a great everyday cleanser which thoroughly removes all traces of makeup and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

I've also just started to use the A.S.A.P. Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub so once I have used it for long enough I will give you my opinion on that too.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


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