Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disappointment of the Month

I don't normally like to do posts like this but I felt like was doing the public a disservice if I didn't in this instance.

Everyone, I hereby give you the biggest disappointment I have come across in quite a while:

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - Daily Calming Lotion

Last month when we were away in Port Macquarie I forgot to take extra moisturiser due to my current one at the time getting quite low and of course, as fate would have it I run out. Due to the sun, wind and sand I was having a couple of particularly bad skin days so I ran to the local shopping centre and picked up the first thing in Target that looked suitable to stop my agony.

Big mistake!

This supposed 'Calming Lotion' has the wonderful tendency to irritates my skin even more and any itchy, red patches that I may have just seem to get even more itchy and actually seem to burn after I apply this.

On top of that, it smells absolutely hideous!!! I don't know about you but every other Palmer's product I have ever used (and there have been a great many) has always had that trademark cocoa butter scent which is actually quite lovely. Well, this has a stale beer kind of smell which I think is very unpleasant and not a scent that I like to apply to my poor skin.

To give you an indication of how bad this cream actually smells, here is a snippet of a conversation my husband and I had when we went to bed last night:

Hubby: 'What is that you're putting on, it smells rank, doesn't that Palmer's stuff normally smell really nice?'
Me: 'Yeah, it's certainly not the best one I've ever used, but I got it when I was desperate when we were away at Port so am just trying to use it up.'
Hubby: 'Please, for the sake of our marriage, don't ever use that cream again!'

This was no joke, and for my hubby, who is usually completely oblivious to almost everything, noticed how bad this cream smells, it's bad!

Please Palmer's, change the formula of this cream or at least make it unscented. It's not fit for public sale in it's current form.

Has anyone else tried this lotion? Did I just get a dud bottle? Have you ever been as disappointed in a product like this before?

Michelle xx

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