Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bellabox Haul

The other night I was playing around on the internet and I realised that I had accumulated a heap of reward points on the Bellabox website from the monthly subscription boxes I get from them that I hadn't yet spent. Of course, this meant that I just had to have a look at what I could get for my points and then spend them!

Here is what I ended up ordering:

1) Savoir Faire Mini Lipstick in Showgirl - I have two other Savoir Faire lipsticks and absolutely love them. This one is a really bright pink that I think looks quite good against my pale skintone. I really like the mini lipstick idea as I've never finished a regular sized lipstick in my life so at least a mini one gives me some kind of hope that I might finish it one day...... It's also the perfect size for my cosmetic purse in my handbag without taking up too much room.

2) Savoir Faire Lipgloss in Fierce - I decided to try one of their lipglosses as I haven't had the chance to yet and I'm really happy with the colour of this one. It's a red/orange shade that is nice and opaque for a gloss. It's also got quite a strong cinammon flavour.

3) Silk Oil of Morocco Lip Gloss in Sunrise - I decided to try one of these because they looked really nice and it was a brand I've never tried anything in before. It's a pretty nude/coral kind of shade.

4) Mode Nail Enamel in Cool As - This is a really pretty spearmint kind of shade that I can't wait to try.

(Left to Right: Silk Oil of Morocco Lip Gloss in Sunrise, Savoir Faire Lipstick in Showgirl, Savoir Faire Lipgloss in Fierce)
In my order there were also a few samples included as follows:

1) Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub
2) Pangea Organics Eye Cream & Facial Cream
3) Avene Ystheal Creme

Overall I'm pretty happy with my order and the best part was that I had over 400 rewards points saved up which equated to $40 so I only paid around $30 for everything. Considering that's the price of the Oil of Morocco Lip Gloss on it's own I'm pretty pleased with my efforts.

Has anyone else placed an order from Bellabox yet other than the monthly subscription boxes?

Michelle xx


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